A 4-piece set of festive and extremely sharp ceramic kitchen knives

The winter holidays are just around the corner so TB Groupe decided to put out the good china, or to be more precise, the good ceramic! Today we would like to present you with a 4-piece set of festive ceramic kitchen knives with long lasting and exceptionally sharp cutting edges.

A 4-piece set of festive and extremely sharp ceramic kitchen knives

A complete set of multipurpose ceramic kitchen knives

TB Groupe quality

This festive set of kitchen knives with white ceramic blades posses certain qualities which make cooking with all types of foodstuffs simple: meat, fruits and vegetables etc.

TB Groupe’s design team scrupulously selected the extremely hard and resilient ceramic used to create their blades. This ceramic has a very high proportion of Zirconium Dioxide, which like diamond, is one of the strongest minerals in the world and is known for its abrasive qualities. Among many other positive characteristics, ceramic is a hygienic material with rust-resistant properties which does not alter the quality of the foodstuffs it comes in contact with.

The blade of a ceramic kitchen knife is extremely sharp and stays sharp for very long periods of time without needing to be resharpened.

Articles included in this set of ceramic kitchen knives

The set of ceramic kitchen knives by TB Groupe is composed of the following articles:

  • A multipurpose kitchen knife, 13 cm (approx. 5 in) blade: Makes cutting meat, vegetables and herbs astonishingly simple.
  • A pairing knife, 8 cm (approx. 3 in) blade: Ideal for peeling and cutting small vegetables and fruits.
  • A steak knife, 10 cm (approx. 4 in) blade: Its blade is perfect for cutting all types of meat and can also be used for cutting other foodstuffs both in the kitchen or at the table.
  • An incredibly practical vegetable peeler which allows you to prepare all types of fruits and vegetables with clean precision.

TB Groupe is preparing for the end of the year festivities!

The robust and ergonomic handle made of ABS

These ceramic kitchen knives have light handles that are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene); they are ergonomically designed and easy to handle. ABS is a polymer which has very interesting properties in terms of moulding, allowing our designers to work on the tool’s ergonomics and design. This shock-resistant material is used in numerous cutlery articles made by TB in Thiers.

The handle’s metallic coating blends perfectly with the warm ambiance present during the winter holidays and the New Year. However nothing is keeping you from spreading the holiday joy beyond the season by using these kitchen utensils year round!

The many attractive features

These knives go above and beyond the classic role of ceramic knives, known for their positive technical features which make preparing a successful meal easy. These ceramic knives can be used to decorate your table. The following lists many of their positive features:

  • Extremely strong blades which are practically impossible to wear out and have above-average cutting edges.
  • Multipurpose features, making these knives useful on a daily basis.
  • Extremely comfortable to use.
  • A festive design which is sure to please family and friends alike.
  • Easy to maintain as this set of kitchen utensils is dishwasher safe.
  • Quality manufacturing certified Tarrerias-Bonjean, the n°1 in French knife sales.
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