A 9-piece set of stylish and colorful ceramic kitchen knives

Due to our past collection’s success, TB Groupe has expanded its line of ceramic knives with colored handles. This new 9-piece knife set includes eight kitchen knives and a vegetable peeler. This complete set allows you to cut a wide variety of foods with exceptional comfort.

A 9-piece set of stylish and colorful ceramic kitchen knives

This set of kitchen knives is a TB Groupe exclusive

Kitchen knives in a full range of hues

Today TB Groupe presents you with a new 9-piece set of ceramic knives created in the tradition of our recently featured set of ceramic kitchen knives.

TB decided to create a more complete set of its well-received 4-piece set of kitchen knives with colored handles.

These ceramic kitchen knives with white blades will undoubtedly bring color, enthusiasm and energy to your kitchen. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the good weather and spring’s arrival! The handles come in the following colors: orange, red, pink, blue, purple and turquoise.

Do not hesitate to put some color in your kitchen!

This set of knives’ distinguishing features

The set of ceramic kitchen knives consists of nine pieces (including three kitchen knives and one vegetable peeler) that come with a protective case.

The precise details of this set of colorful knives are as follows:

  • 2 eight-centimeter paring knives
  • 4 ten-centimeter steak knives
  • 1 thirteen-centimeter kitchen knife
  • 1 fifteen-centimeter chef’s knife
  • 1 vegetable peeler

This array of kitchen knives will allow you to cut a wide range of products and foodstuffs such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

The nine articles in this set of knives all have very high-quality, sharp, strong and professionally sharpened ceramic blades. These kitchen knives’ ergonomic handles are easy to handle, comfortable to use and are made from a material which is pleasant to touch.

Quality ceramic knives

The advantages of ceramic knives

Ceramic knives are successful due to their numerous advantageous qualities. They instantly seduce cooking connoisseurs who love preparing meals with quality utensils thanks to their extremely strong blade made of zirconium oxide. It is no wonder these kitchen knives have an ever-increasing popularity and are amongst the best utensils on the market. In particular they provide:

  • A very impressive cutting-edge whose cutting-capacity is incomparable - cutting cleanly and with precision
  • A blade whose strength and proven sturdiness is guaranteed “not to dull” – these blades do not rust and will stay sharp month after month
  • Unalterable antioxidant properties – ceramic does not oxidize when exposed to water and food acids do not alter the blade
  • Easy to maintain – cleaning ceramic knives is simple, just pass them under running water
  • Proven to be easy to handle – their blade is light and manageable
  • Very hygienic thanks to ceramic’s anti-allergenic properties
  • Unlike steel knives ceramic knives do not require sharpening

Directions for use

Ceramic kitchen knives are well known for their great quality, reliability and blade which almost never dulls. However, keep in mind several precautions while using them:

  • Do not let children use ceramic knives as their blades are very sharp
  • Do not let them come into contact with fire as ceramic is a heat conductor
  • Do not use them as a lever – the blade can snap cleanly in half
  • Do not buy low-end models which tend to be fragile and break easily
  • Do not use a ceramic knife to debone, cut or spread apart frozen foods
  • Avoid putting them in the dishwasher
  • To keep their cutting-edge intact use wooden or plastic cutting boards - avoid cutting on marble, glass or other hard work surfaces
By following these tips you can maintain your ceramic kitchen knives for years without the slightest problem. Do not hesitate to contact us or to browse our online shop to get more information about this brand new set of knives.