A set of ceramic kitchen knives with spring colors!

Spring has almost sprung, so TB Groupe has launched a set of ceramic kitchen knives with colored handles. This set which consists of four high-end knives is ideal for every culinary task. The ceramic material gives these kitchen knives an ultra-resilient cutting edge and a blade of unparalleled strength.

A set of ceramic kitchen knives with spring colors!

A set of kitchen knives with colorful handles

Colors for a bright kitchen

Spring is here. The colors and sunlight dancing around us have inspired TB Groupe to harmoniously coordinate a collection of its products with nature, bringing its joyful energy in your kitchen!

We have created a distinctive set of ceramic kitchen knives just for you: a set of four knives with colored handles specially designed to celebrate spring’s arrival.

Are you searching for a bit of color? Voilà, green, blue, purple and orange! This new collection of kitchen knives will fit perfectly in a warm, bright and dynamic kitchen. Do not hesitate to put some pep in your kitchen!

Items included in this set of kitchen knives

This set of ceramic knives is comprised of four products, three kitchen knives and a paring knife. They are stored in a protective case. Their description are as follows:

  • The 9 centimeter paring knife- This tool is indispensible in the kitchen which is why it is also called the universal knife. Its thick and extremely pointed blade is very easy to handle and is known for its multipurpose functionality. This paring knife can do everything.
  • The 10 centimeter steak knife- The steak knife can be used for eating or for preparing different dishes in the kitchen. Its main function, as its name suggests, is for cutting all types of cooked or raw meat. This steak knife has a smooth unserrated blade which allows you to make a clean cut without damaging the meat.
  • The multipurpose 13 centimeter kitchen knife.
  • The vegetable peeler is designed to efficiently peel all vegetables.

The colored handles of these kitchen knives will bring a touch of refined elegance to your kitchen.

The flawless qualities of ceramic knives

High-end quality cutlery

The blades of ceramic knives have qualities, such as their strength, which greatly surpass most kitchen knives available on the market. These professionally sharpened ceramic knives and steel knives created with our EVERCUT® technology are considered to have the best blades in the world. Using these knives is a pleasurable experience due to their ergonomic handles and comfortable design.

Ceramic knives can be used to cut a wide variety of foods such as meats, fish and vegetables. One must take several precautions while using them. For example, do not use them to cut on glass, granite or tile surfaces. These extremely strong and sharp blades are relatively fragile. To keep this blade intact it is highly recommended that you use a wooden or plastic cutting board.

The advantages of ceramic knives

This set of ceramic knives has blades whose properties will revolutionize the way you cook.

Ceramic is a material which lends strength to these blades, guaranteeing an unparalleled precise cutting capacity and durability. Ceramic also does not need to be sharpened very often.

Another one of ceramic’s strong points: it is composed of materials such as zircon which helps keep a hygienic kitchen. This is because ceramic knives do not absorb bacteria or food acids. Therefore they never corrode or rust.

These kitchen knives are robust, light and exceptionally sharp. Their colorful design makes them unique. Do not hesitate to pick yourself up one of these magnificent ceramic kitchen knife sets with colored handles. A great gift idea to celebrate summer’s arrival!