An in-depth look at 2 extremely high-quality outdoor military knives from Thiers, France

A few months ago we announced the impending release of two high-end outdoor military knives created in Thiers, France. These two knives, the Protecteur and the Maraudeur, were designed with the assistance of the expert Philippe Perotti and GDD. They are both presently available for sale on TB Groupe’s e-shop.

An in-depth look at 2 extremely high-quality outdoor military knives from Thiers, France

Two high-end outdoor military knives from Thiers, France

The Maraudeur and the Protecteur, created by TB Groupe and GDD

The military knives, the Maraudeur and the Protecteur are available for sale now! Countless individuals have contacted us with questions about the release date of these two knives ever since our article about the process behind their design was featured in last year’s blog.

These two outdoor military knives were designed by TB Groupe, the leading knife manufacturer in France, and produced by the Générale de Découpage (GDD) in La Monnerie-le-Montel, near Thiers, France. These knives feature the following high-end characteristics:

  • A full tang blade made of MOX® stainless steel. This latest-generation material has been incredibly successful with consumers due to its rust-resistant qualities
  • A hallmark black PVD coating that reduces wear and tear
  • A carefully and skillfully studied design that blends simplicity and function
  • One of the most sturdy and ergonomic handles on the market. The Protecteur’s handle is made of polyamide and glass fibers.
  • The Maraudeur has a handle wrapped in military grade Paracord 550®
  • The Protecteur is the perfect size for serving as a back-up knife and has a very sharp double-edged blade that is ideal for piercing
  • The Maraudeur has a “trigger-like” handle that increases the stability of your grip while increasing comfort

It should be noted that the Protecteur outdoor military knife is used by teams of helicopter aviators and the French army.

These professional grade outdoor knives are available on our e-shop.

Follow the links below to find their respective pages on TB Groupe’s e-shop:

Exceptional quality knives merit equally exceptional sheathes

TB Groupe, the cutlery company based in Thiers, places the utmost attention to its product’s finishing touches - especially in terms of their housing. These outdoor military knives are no exception to this rule. They both come with protective sheathes made of Kydex® and Molle®.

These sheathes are super thin and light, making them comfortable to use and wear as they are efficient at keeping the knives in place.

These sheathes have eyelets that allow you to fasten the knife to things with rope. They are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with water and a cloth.

Kydex® is a composite material made of a blend of acrylic and PVC using a manufacturing process called thermoforming. The resulting product combines several positive features from both materials, including: strength, ruggedness, high chemical resistance and malleability.

TB Groupe and GDD are on the move

The Générale de découpage

TB Groupe’s R&D department and teams of design specialists created the Maraudeur and the Protecteur, which were then manufactured by the GDD.

This company plays a pivotal role in the cutlery industry of Thiers, France. The GDD has been TB Groupe’s subsidiary since the beginning of the 2000s. It focuses on developing technologies in the following areas:

  • Cutting various types of steel such as stainless steel
  • Cutting metals
  • Thermal treatment techniques for blades and much more

The GDD specializes in countless different techniques used in the cutlery industry among them: digitally controlled molding and polishing systems, plastic injection, robotized cast molding, laser engraving, etc. They also collaborate with several different partners.

They produce a wide variety of items from kitchen knives and diverse utensils to the most sought after collectable pocketknives on the market.

The GDD has been one of the French Army’s official suppliers for years. The GDD’s irreproachable manufacturing quality has attracted France’s top powers and has the experience needed to produce TB Groupe’s military knives.

2 outdoor military knives created in collaboration with Philippe Perotti

The Maraudeur and Protecteur outdoor military knives were created with expert insight from Philippe Perotti, a retired soldier specializing in combat techniques.

Author of several well-received books used by armies and police forces from several countries, Philippe Perotti has notably contributed to improving firearms training and methods for shooting in combat.

His best-selling book entitled Techniques d’action immediate was co-written with Didier Valder, Eric Haffray and Alain Baeriswyl. It is a perfect introductory book for individuals that are interested in the subject of war.

TB Groupe, specializes in manufacturing kitchen and table knives, as well as a wide array of other categories of knives. The outdoor military knives, the Maraudeur and the Protecteur, symbolize Tarrerias-Bonjean’s ability to create cutlery items for all sectors of the industry. Whether you are an adventurer, trail-blazer or just a lover of beautiful knives, feel free to purchase the Maraudeur and the Protecteur and give us your feedback by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page. Thank you for your ongoing support and see you soon!