Auguste: professional grade French-made luxury table knives that cut with ease and bring an original touch to your kitchen

Up until now the Auguste collection of professional grade French-made knives were reserved for those working in specialized sectors such as luxury restaurants and hotels. Now the wide range of Auguste knives are available to the general public and amateur gastronomes. Their high-end stainless steel blades and colorful ergonomic handles made of diverse materials all meet high manufacturing standards. For a classy look that blends the modern and the traditional bring a set of Auguste knives to your table to create a colorful cozy ambiance!

Auguste: professional grade French-made luxury table knives that cut with ease and bring an original touch to your kitchen

Professional grade table knives with sensational blades

Ultra efficient blades

The professional grade Auguste knives have blades that are 2.5mm thick and 10.5 cm long and are manufactured using two very high-quality stainless steels, which are as follows:

Alenox (or steel X46Cr13)

A super-efficient alloy whose strength (58 HCR) and high chromium content (18%) gives it an extraordinary cutting capacity and total protection against rust. It is very durable and its blade stays sharp even after repeated use.


A complex alloy used to create high-end cutlery, which contains elements such as molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt. Its high carbon (1,05%) and chromium (17,5%) content are factors which create a very high-quality stainless steel known for its proven strength (60 - 61 HCR). Mox brings TB Groupe’s line of Made in France knives an exceptional cutting edge that is guaranteed to stay sharp for long periods of time.

With or without a coating

These table knives stand out thanks to the quality of their incredibly sharp blades. It should also be noted that they were designed with ultra stable construction using full tang blades. This assembly method creates the most reliable knives that will perform well under any circumstance. They can also be personalized with laser engravings on request. These engravings increase your selection of possible decorations and distinguish them from other brands, bringing them authenticity. These Made in France knives by TB Groupe really are unique!

Furthermore, these high-end knives are available in a wide variety styles:

  • Classic: with a choice of matte, satin or gloss surfaces
  • Black: with an anti-stick coating for optimal comfort

On top of their fantastic technical qualities, their design gives them a unique look, which reflects a free and timeless feeling that is ideal for bringing you joy as you set your table.

The professional quality Made in France collection by TB Groupe

Handles made of POM or precious materials

The line of Auguste Made in France knives distinguishes itself by both its unique technical design and its numerous aesthetic qualities. One of their main aesthetic features is the wide array of ergonomic handles made of natural, mineral, or fabricated materials. These materials were selected to bring life to the different models and to make setting the table a true joy and mealtime a 100% feel-good moment!

Professional Made in France table knives made of wood, horn or POM

These knives are available with the following handles:

  • Made of classic types of wood: amaranth, oak, walnut, maple, rosewood… The only hard thing is making a decision!
  • Made of horn: this colorful and sleek natural material will be sure to please your guests time and time again
  • Made of POM: this polyoxymethylene is a latest generation polymer that is known for its durability, anti-shock properties and lightweight qualities. It allows for diverse manufacturing and molding techniques. It is available in a wide chromatic palette, which seems infinite.

The professional grade Auguste table knives are high-end tools that offer you countless decoration possibilities. Decorate your table with subtle shades of colors according to your state of mind with Auguste knives!

Their maintenance is easy and they are dishwasher safe except for knives with handles made of wood.

Professional Made in France table knives manufactured in Thiers by TB Groupe

The Auguste collection is available in a wide variety of different table knives that are ideal for creating your own dining experience during a meal.

These table knives attract your attention immediately with their classic yet avant-garde look. Their explosive colors and blend of surprising materials offer you numerous ways to personalize your table with professional quality knives. These knives were designed in their entirety by Tarrerias-Bonjean in Thiers, France.

Between tradition and modern

This leader of French cutlery has mastered each manufacturing step from the design of their articles to the shipping and quality control.

In order to create its collection of Made in France knives, TB Groupe puts its historic technical skills to use and employs the latest cutlery manufacturing techniques such as plastic injection, polishing, micro serration, molding, robotized finishing touches, continuous laser cutting, thermally treated steel, cryonics, engraving, etc.

By choosing TB Groupe you are opting for the very best of French table and kitchen knives, which are also considered to be top knives internationally.

If you are interested in purchasing the Made in France table knives from the Auguste collection, feel free to browse our E-shop. You can create your own knife set by mixing and matching styles for a luxurious yet relaxed table setting that is colorful and convivial. Whichever style you choose, TB Groupe certifies that it is sure to be like none other!