Be a Successful Bushcraft Explorer with TB Groupe’s Outdoor Survival Knives!

Do you enjoy living in nature? Do you want to go rough it and learn to live without the amenities of modern society? If you answered yes to these questions, you might enjoy being part of the Bushcraft community. One must be cautious when exploring; you must prepare your journey carefully and be sure to have the proper equipment available. One of an explorer’s most useful tools is their outdoor survival knife. TB Groupe has designed several knives that are perfect for going on outdoor treks and exploring.

Be a Successful Bushcraft Explorer with TB Groupe's Outdoor Survival Knives!

What is Bushcraft?

Going back to our roots

Bushcraft is an increasingly popular discipline, requiring one to live harmoniously within natural settings. Bushcraft shares similarities with Survivalism, a movement that has gained in popularity over the past few years.

When practicing Bushcraft one must live in harmony with ones environment by making use of the natural resources available within the outdoor setting you are exploring.

Increasing numbers of individuals have joined this movement in order to flee the comforts of the fast-paced modern world to have a real life interaction with nature.

Those who practice Bushcraft strive to live with nature and learn techniques that allow them to be successful with this lifestyle.

Bushcraft: Leslie James Hiddins and Mike Horn

Bushcraft is a term that is used when referring to the use of wilderness survival skills. This exploring craft first appeared in New Zealand and South Africa and was popularized by the explorer Leslie James Hiddins. The craft became popular in the Northern Hemisphere thanks to Ray Mears’ survival TV show.

Mike Horn is one of several individuals who helped this craft gain in popularity. He is the first man to cross the Antarctic alone without a motorized vehicle. On this recent journey, he crossed 3,168 miles in 57 days!

Bushcraft skills

Man has used Bushcraft techniques for tens of thousands of years. The main Bushcraft skills, which must be mastered in order to live successfully in nature, include the following:

  • Firecraft
  • Shelter-building
  • Water sourcing
  • Mastering the use of tools such as axes, outdoor knives, pocket knives and wood planes
  • Tracking, hunting, foraging and preparing food with natural resources utilizing various fauna and flora

The definition of Bushcraft is skill in matters pertaining to life in various natural environments.

TB’s outdoor survival knives: being properly equipped is essential


Traditionally, true Bushcrafters believed that they could not use modern tools when exploring because they needed to use things that could be found in nature.

Today, several similar movements have developed which are less rigorous. After all, prehistoric man also used various tools for hunting and fishing.

Modern Bushcrafters often use high-tech gadgets and a market tailored to these outdoor-explorers has developed very rapidly! In order to stay true to traditional Bushcraft ideals, some basic tools may be utilized. Equipping yourself with a good survival knife is essential and can be used for countless outdoor tasks.

Survival knives are a key tool for your Bushcraft kit. They are very useful for odd jobs, repairs, hunting and eating. Survival knives are increasingly popular and can be found in cutlery stores. However not all survival knives are professional grade tools.

Reliable outdoor survival knives by TB: High-End French Cutlery

You can rely on Tarrerias-Bonjean to create quality cutlery articles. TB Groupe is France’s leading cutlery company. This cutler, based in Thiers France, has recently developed a line of outdoor knives and accessories. These knives are efficient and robust.

TB Outdoor Survival Knives: Collaborating with Philippe Perrotti

Thanks to its technical prowess, TB Groupe has been the French Army’s official knife supplier for more than 20 years. TB Groupe’s R&D department collaborated with military expert Philippe Perotti to design two styles of survival knives.

Here are TB Groupe’s knives and utensils that will become your essential tools for Bushcrafting:

  • The Marauder 550: This robust knife has a Mox stainless steel blade. Its ergonomic handle was designed for optimal grip.
  • The Protector: this knife has a double-edged stainless steel blade. Its sturdy handle is made of polyamide and fiberglass.
  • Picnic pocketknife: this pocketknife has all of the essential utensils for preparing and eating meals.
The Bushcraft community is constantly changing and evolving. If you have already had a Bushcraft experience, using TB outdoor survival knives, feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page. Thank you and see you soon!