BladeSports: a non-profit corporation that promotes knife safety

BladeSports is a non-profit corporation based in the United States that promotes proper knife safety through its regularly scheduled competitions and events that can be classified as… blade sports! The National Championships will be held in Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. These competitions consist of cutting everyday objects (wood beams, plastic bottles and much more). The following article takes a look at this successful and out of the ordinary event…

BladeSports: a non-profit corporation that promotes knife safety

Handling knives and knife safety

A surprising and successful event

The United States is splendid and unique! Leave it to Americans to invent a competition where participants are timed while cutting everyday objects. As the participants advance in the competition the objects that need to be cut seem to increase in silliness: wood 2x4s, knotted ropes, tennis balls and plastic bottles… The BladeSport competitions have enjoyed increasing success and are one of a kind.

This event was organized by the corporation BladeSports and has attracted an increasing number of participants who wish to prove their knife skills, strength and ability to handle knives safely!

These blade sport amateurs use impressive knives that are as imposing in size as the largest kitchen knife. The competitors meet annually in several cities throughout the United States in the hopes of winning 1st place as best knife handler!

BladeSports and cutlery promotion in the United States

BladeSports International Incorporated is a non-profit corporation based in Texas. One of its main objectives is to promote knife safety. In order to spread information about knife safety it organizes workshops and competitions for its members and the public on a regular basis.

One could say that BladeSport’s diverse yearly events provide a chance to put the cutlery items acquired at the Blade Show international cutlery fair – a major event for cutlery amateurs that is held yearly in Atlanta, Georgia - into practice.

When seen through the eyes of individuals that are not American, this cutlery competition may seem a bit surprising. But to modern Americans this type of competition is not shocking, as they have become part of American culture.

It should be noted that these events are organized for more than just the competitions. This American corporation’s managers organize this type of event to promote knife safety and educate the public about how to properly use knives as tools.

In fact, each participant must have a Cutter Certification in order to participate in the competition. BladeSports only gives this certification to individuals that have completed an in depth training session about knife safety.

3 upcoming knife-sporting events

Clearly defined safety rules

Just like knife throwing competitions that are organized in France and Europe, knife-sporting events have standardized rules that are very clear and do not leave room for interpretation.

The knives used in the competitions undergo strict inspections before each event and are only cleared if their blades do not exceed a certain length and width. Each competitor must provide the panel of judges with a document listing their knife’s technical features.

The competition’s safety rules and regulations are clearly defined. All competitors must wear safety glasses and gloves that meet specific standards. The competitors’ shoes undergo inspection, checking to see if the soles are flat or slippery. Shoes that do not pass inspection cannot be worn during the competition!

Individuals that do not follow the safety instructions given during the meetings can be disqualified or given penalties such as point deductions.

Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania

If you think you might be visiting the United States this summer, taking a detour to certain states might be worth your while. If you are near Waxahachie Texas, Fairview Tennessee or Meadville Pennsylvania you could attend one of these dynamic events!

Several different types of events (accuracy, strength, etc.) are organized during BladeSports’ weekend-long events dedicated to cutlery and knife-sporting competitions. You can get an idea of the weekend’s most impressive event, the timed competition, by watching the (following video!)

Upcoming event schedule

June 25 – 26, 2016: BladeSports, 412 Alysa Lane, Waxahachie, TX 75167
July 9 – 10, 2016: BladeSports – Arrowhead, 1696 Fairview Blvd, Fairview, TN 37062
August 13 – 14, 2016: BladeSports, 11010 McHenry St., Meadville, PA 16335

Please visit the official BladeSports website for more detailed information about these events.

Feel free to leave us a comment on our Facebook page if you have already attended one of these American cutlery competitions! Above all, please use caution and follow proper safety instructions when using your kitchen knives! Getting cut is all too easy…