Bpifrance, French Touch, French Fab, TB Groupe and high-end cutlery from Thiers!

Bpifrance is a public investment bank that supports the projects of small and medium-sized businesses in France through its French Fab program. It supports business, like TB Groupe, which are driven and ambitious and who have developed innovation-based production policies. The TB Groupe Cutlery Company based in Thiers, France has never hidden its ambition to develop innovate products, undoubtedly making it one of France’s leading organizations both nationally and internationally.

Bpifrance, French Touch, French Fab, TB Groupe and high-end cutlery from Thiers!

Bpifrance and the French Fab

Countless partnerships

Bpifrance was established in the mid-1990s when several financial entities merged (OSEO, FSI and CDC Enterprises). Bpifrance is a public investment bank which facilitates the business development of intermediate sized companies in France.

It encourages business growth through various programs related to innovation with the aim of producing future entrepreneurs.

Bpifrance operates in partnership with other financial institutions and public institutions on several levels:

  • Guaranteeing loans held by other banks
  • Financing various projects
  • Equity interventions
  • Assisting the commercial development of enterprises (exports)

From an organizational point of view Bpifrance has two major divisions – the financial and innovation areas – these give assistance, allowing Bpifrance to have a major impact on companies and encourage policies that support innovation in France.

One of Bpifrance’s major strengths is the fact that it acts quickly when companies present it with possible solutions to production problems. A dossier concerning investment accompaniment is treated, on average, within 3 days. Nine times out of ten, Bpifrance’s regional branches are responsible for making final decisions.

For funding applications above 5 million Euros, a national committee meets on a bi-weekly basis to decide whether or not a company’s inquiry will be granted.

Bpifrance has 45 regional offices throughout France. Bpifrance also promotes French entrepreneurial savoir-faire through programs such as Inno Generation 1, 2 and 3. It also created the programs French Touch, French Tech and French Fab, which work to promote the recognition of French companies by the international market.

The French Fab, showcase of Bpifrance

French Fab is a program initiated by Bpifrance to promote French industrial knowledge and preserve traditional French craftsmanship. It collects funds each year and uses them to support emerging talents. These chosen businesses must show a high potential for sucess. Bpifrance carefully selects them because they embody Frence’s economic and industrial pride.

Bpifrance and the French Fab’s objectives

This label of excellence à la française demarcates businesses, which are promising in terms of their capacity to develop future industry. It selects the businesses it promotes using the following list of factors:

  • Promoting traditional craftsmanship skills in several branches of activity
  • Competent engineering offices
  • Modern production organization, which takes its employees rights into account
  • Respect for certain environmental values such as energy efficiency and reducing the company’s environmental footprint

The French Fab is an industrial platform that promotes innovation, in order to shape the future economy.

TB Groupe and knives from Thiers: a company driven by innovation

TB Groupe, high-end Cutlery from Thiers and the French Touch

French Fab is a branch part of French Touch, a program whose aim is to promote French companies to the global market. Today French Touch represents 500,000 companies, produces 1.7 million jobs and more than 100 billion Euros of the French GDP!

A company backed by French Fab supports the use of traditional industrial techniques, while still highly driven to innovate and update production. It goes without saying that TB Groupe reflects all of the elements which Bpifrance upholds.

TB Groupe is France’s number one knife seller and embraces all of French Fab’s ideologies!
In Thiers and its environs, TB Groupe keeps the tradition of French knife making alive through its manufacturing processes.

Innovation: the heart of the production process

Located in the cutlery capital of the world, Tarrerias-Bonjean has created an excellent image for itself, which is linked to its ability to manufacture very high-end cutlery items.

This cutlery company based in Thiers uses skills that were inherited over several centuries. This company has also mastered modern manufacturing processes to create its knives, bringing the company international success.

For example, its R&D department created one of the greatest inventions available on the present day cutlery market - the now-famous Evercut® knife.

This revolutionary knife is designed using a patented technology and consists of fusion titanium carbide along the blade’s steel cutting edges. An Evercut® kitchen knife dulls 300 times slower than a traditional knife!

TB Groupe has countless other successful knife collections such as Le Couteau du Chef, Maestro and Auguste. All of these collections testify to TB’s outstanding products and excellent manufacturing methods.

TB Groupe has its eyes set on the future

This cutlery company located in Thiers is driven to innovate its practices and designs and has successfully positioned itself in the high-end cutlery industry. It exemplifies, in the most beautiful way, the dynamics of industrial societies which are supported by Bpifrance and French Fab. The companies that these programs support create jobs, innovate, are present on the international market yet do not deny their French roots.

TB Groupe exports approximately 150,000 items per day throughout Europe, America and Asia! However it never dreamt of manufacturing its knives anywhere but in France. Staying true to its origins and French tradition is a big part of this cutlery company’s success and its brand image.

Half of the companies supported by Bpifrance and French Fab are innovative business working in fields that support French culture and artistic creation - one third of which is involved in fashion, artisanal crafts and luxury goods. TB Groupe is incredibly proud of being part of this collection of businesses, boosting the French economy and reaching international markets through its competitive nature and countless skills.