Colorful knives decorated with the Union Jack unite TB Groupe and Regent’s Park

TB Groupe is happy to announce that they will be holding a prize competition in partnership with the company Regent’s Park!

Colorful knives decorated with the Union Jack unite TB Groupe and Regent's Park

Regent’s Park will be giving away knives decorated with the Union Jack

Regent’s Park: the most British of French brands

Regent’s Park is a French brand that makes British specialties, including delicious English muffins, crumpets and scones.

Their line of quality British specialties has already seduced British food enthusiasts and continues to attract the attention of food lovers of all backgrounds.

Regent’s Park is a company that has a quirky and avant-garde mindset which adds a spot of audacity to the typical British dish. It is THE British brand par excellence. They create high-quality products which are typical dishes in England, making it possible to cook 100% British brunches and breakfasts outside of the UK. Regent’s Park’s products are available in medium-sized and large-scale retail stores at affordable prices, brining England to your doorstep.

A partnership via colourful knives decorated with the Union Jack!

Regent’s Park’s avant-garde spirit can be compared to TB Groupe’s interest in novelty and the manufacturing of high-quality cutlery. These two interests are perfect examples of the values TB Groupe upholds with its innovation policy.

Regent’s Park and TB Groupe are companies advancing within their respective fields which were fated to meet one day. From this day forward this fate has been sealed thanks to their new partnership!

By manufacturing high-end stylish knives and quality British specialties TB Groupe and Regent’s Park continue to work towards their future goal of satisfying an even larger clientele.

Regent’s Park will be giving away TB Groupe knives from the Flag collection decorated with the Union Jack to lucky fans who participate in an online competition which will take place soon.

TB Groupe: an innovative enterprise opening the world

TB Groupe or innovation à la Française

TB Groupe, the leader in French cutlery, is a family-run business situated in Thiers – the cradle of French cutlery.

This company is renowned throughout the world due to their employees’ knowledge, the quality of their products and their drive for innovation.

The new line of Flag knives decorated with the Union Jack allows a connection to be made between Regent’s Park’s love for food and the British universe. This is a perfect example of TB Groupe’s dedication to opening themselves up to fields of interest outside of the knife manufacturing field.

The extremely high-quality knives produced in the TB Groupe factory exude the palpable feeling of passion and innovation instilled in them during their creation.

Tarrerias-Bonjean’s motivating force is to continuously invent and improve different lines of cutlery products. This innovation process brings TB Groupe a new dimension, allowing them to imagine seductive products which blend perfectly with your kitchens and dinner table.

The line of Flag cutlery

Among the numerous cutlery innovations created by TB Groupe the design of the knives manufactured in Thiers are produced with the utmost care by the company’s designers.

The knives in the Flag collection have handles which are decorated with flags from around the world, including those with the Union Jack.

This new touch of color makes these utensils addictive - they are sure to add a superb ambiance to your dinner table and kitchen. Their quality blades are efficient, chic, light and easy to use. No other cutlery company has yet to create a product which can rival these blades’ extremely sharp cutting edges.

These knives decorated with the Union Jack are very aesthetically pleasing and ultra-efficient. Upon the partnership between these two brands they decided to create a prize competition where the winners are awarded with these knives. You will also be able to find these knives on our online store very soon. Until then, check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all of our latest news!