Congratulations to the winners of the Laguiole Evolution/Minute Facile sweepstakes who won “Made in France” cutlery articles!

Today our article reveals who won the sweepstakes that was recently organized by TB Groupe and the website We would like to thank everyone that tried their luck and congratulate the two winners who won complete cutlery sets from the “Made in France” Laguiole Evolution collection.

Congratulations to the winners of the Laguiole Evolution/Minute Facile sweepstakes who won “Made in France” cutlery articles!

Number of participants and answers to the questions

Almost 10,000 individuals visited!

Impressive numbers of individuals participated in the sweepstakes organized by TB Groupe and the website that took place January 26 – February 2, 2016. We would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our brand.

Throughout all of France we counted 9,385 participants, two of which were our lucky winners. Congratulations to Natalie C. from Loire-Atlantique (department 44) and Marie-Jeanna P. from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (department 64). These two winners were gifted with the following complete sets of Laguiole Evolution “Made in France” cutlery (one was red and the other was carbon black):

The correct responses to the sweepstakes questions

In order to win the prize of TB Groupe items from the “Made in France” Laguiole Evolution cutlery collection you had to give correct responses to 3 questions. The following lists the correct responses in bold:

Question 1: The Laguiole Evolution products are considered to have which design inspiration:

  • French and contemporary
  • French and traditional
  • French and retro

Question 2: Most of the Laguiole Evolution products are presented:

Question 3: What colors are the Laguiole Evolution products available in:

Our website’s pages held the answers to all of these questions!

Laguiole Evolution: High-end “Made in France” cutlery

Knowledge accumulated over the years in Thiers, France

Over the past hundred years Thiers and its surrounding region have been considered to be the cradle of French-made cutlery. Tarrerias-Bonjean’s image as the leader in French knife sales is legitimately associated with the flourishing activity that took place in this French region.

TB Groupe shares the rich knowledge they accumulated over centuries with all of its collaborators. Since their founding this knowledge has been used to create high-end cutlery articles for both professionals and nonprofessionals.

TB Groupe’s drive as a company is backed by their rich cultural and technical heritage, resulting in a progressive, forward-looking company. TB Groupe’s Design & Creation and R & D departments demonstrate the energy that all of Tarrerias-Bonjean’s employees invest in their daily activities.

TB Groupe’s success is earned collectively and each level of the company is involved. Each individual working in the company contributes to TB Groupe’s national and international success. The employees contribute their skills and are committed to this luxury cutlery company that respects environmental and quality standards.

The cutlery market is constantly changing so TB Groupe continually performs research on its products’ performance in order to create the highest quality products possible. This constant research allows TB Groupe to create exceptional knives marked with the “Made in France” label. The very successful line of cutlery, Laguiole Evolution, is a perfect example of TB Groupe’s exceptional quality knives.

Laguiole Evolution: symbol of cutlery marked “Made in France”

Laguiole Evolution is a line of 100% French-made cutlery that includes a wide variety of modern kitchen utensils, including: kitchen knives, utensils, silverware and tableware.
This line is designed after the classic Laguiole knife, a well-known French knife that is marked with a bee logo.

The Laguiole Evolution knives and cutlery articles are made of high-quality stainless steel with high chrome content. This stainless steel will not be deteriorated by rust. Their ergonomic handles are created with modern materials that are carefully chosen for their robust and resilient qualities.

The collection of “Made in France” Laguiole Evolution knives symbolizes TB Groupe’s modern spirit perfectly.

Once again, we would like to congratulate the winners that brought home “Made in France” Laguiole Evolution cutlery articles! As for the other participants - don’t worry you will have another chance to win, as we will be organizing more sweepstakes in the near future. Keep up-to-date with our upcoming events by by following TB Groupe’s news on Facebook!