Free online prize competition: win TB Groupe and Fresh Food Village products!

TB Groupe is joining forces once again with Fresh Food Village and its brand Regent’s Park. They have created a free online prize competition where you will have the chance to win many British culinary specialties and high-end ceramic knives!

Free online prize competition: win TB Groupe and Fresh Food Village products!

TB Groupe has launched a free online prize competition

TB Groupe will soon be having a prize give-away with Regent’s Park products!

A few weeks ago Regent’s Park, one of the company Fresh Food Village’s brands, organized a free prize competition. Now it is TB Groupe’s turn to put together the next online competition.

The lucky winners that received TB Groupe’s colourful knives decorated with the Union Jack (the United Kingdom’s famous national flag) will now have a chance to win Regent’s Park products, whose parent company is Fresh Food Village.

TB Groupe’s ceramic knives were the prize at the last competition, this time we will be giving away Fresh Food Village’s delicious and extraordinarily British dishes. The next online game will give you the chance to take home the following Regent’s Park products:

  • Incomparably delicious plain English muffins: whether you top these little golden muffins with jam or butter they will melt in your mouth, adding a British touch to your breakfasts and brunches!
  • Raisin scones: these irresistible little cakes with a slightly fruity flavor pay homage to England’s traditional teatime!

Enter the upcoming competition for your chance to bring home Regent’s Park’s delicious edible goods and TB Groupe’s magnificent ceramic knives whose cutting edges are exceptionally sharp! You will have to wait a bit longer before this competition starts…

Get ready for the next free online prize competition to kick-off!

This free prize competition, created by TB Groupe and Fresh Food Village, will be taking place online very soon.

Make sure that you “like” and follow TB Groupe on their Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on the beginning of this online game. You will also find detailed explanations of the rules of participation on TB’s Facebook.

Foodies everywhere agree that you will not regret entering this contest! Why not spread the word about this event and share it on other social networks? It will put a smile on your face!

Regent’s Park: one of Fresh Food Village’s many brands

Fresh Food Village innovates the snack and beverage market

British breads, sweet and salty snacks, beverages and teas… it would be an understatement to say that over the past two decades the brand Fresh Food Village has brought a fresh touch to France’s food market.

Jean-Marc Krief and Antoine Weil, two aficionados of British culture and culinary traditions, started the company. These two trendsetters decided to bring the British concept of snacking to France along with England’s high quality products. These elements helped establish Fresh Food Village’s reputation over time.

Fresh Food Village’s story began when they started marketing English muffins, known for their fantastically fluffy texture. Then they started investing in the distribution of different breads and regional specialties from many different counties around the world. They also began supplying beverages and other traditional edible goods.

Numerous brands with firmly established reputations

The company Fresh Food Village is constantly looking for new culinary trends. Today the wide range of products they represent are chosen from each culinary category for their unique and innovative qualities. Their catalogue includes over 200 original “globetrotting” products with strong brand images, including:

  • Aloe
  • Arizona
  • Boxer Chips
  • Dr Pepper
  • Go Pure
  • Homestyle
  • Guarana
  • Lorina
  • New York Bakery
  • MySmoothie
  • Regent’s Park
  • Etc.

Regent’s Park makes an impressive range of British products available to British culinary enthusiasts and avid foodies looking to try new and exciting edibles. This company has partnered with TB Groupe to prepare the next free online competition.

One thing is sure: once you have tried one of Fresh Food Village’s pancakes, crumpets, marmalades and teas, you will be filled with the irresistible urge to treat yourself to the other products distributed by this emblematic brand!

TB Groupe would like to reiterate that they are very pleased with their collaboration with Regent’s Park and Fresh Food Village. We will update you soon with the competition’s start date. You will have the chance to discover or rediscover high-quality products… and high-end knives from Thiers!