French cutlery company TB begins partnership with Michelin-starred chef Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy, a Michelin-starred chef, has launched his website. TB Groupe, manufacturer of high-end French cutlery, is proud of its new partnership with Guy Savoy and the table knife created in celebration of this partnership by Italian designer Bruno Moretti. This table knife is manufactured in Thiers by GDD, a Tarrerias-Bonjean subsidiary. This high-end French cutlery company intends to develop their presence on the web by periodically giving updates about its association with Guy Savoy.

French cutlery company TB begins partnership with Michelin-starred chef Guy Savoy

A new & prestigious project for TB Groupe, high-end French cutlery

TB Groupe is proud to announce the launch of a website and e-shop dedicated to the world of Guy Savoy, a chef whose excellence is synonymous with French gastronomy.

This new portal presents Guy Savoy, sharing his favorite places, restaurants, projects and his new collaborations with Bruno Moretti and his other exciting partnerships with Alessi, Two Wings, Virginia Mo and Tarrerias-Bonjean.

High-end “Made in France” cutlery: a unique TB table knife dedicated to Guy Savoy

TB Groupe’s brand-new table knife will be launched soon. It will be manufactured in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery, by Générale de Découpage (GDD), a company specializing in processing and utilizing stainless steel.

This table knife is simple, classy and to use one of Guy Savoy’s expressions, "Reduced to its most simple form." As this knife is not yet available to the public we cannot reveal too much about it. However we can tell you that this elegant knife will be available in several sizes and is equipped with an ergonomically designed square handle made of carbon.

In addition to TB Groupe’s new table knife which characterizes the company’s dedication to creating high-end French cutlery, Guy Savoy’s website will also feature several other items, including the following:

  • Virginia Mo’s artisanal plates decorated with unique drawings. These plates are used in Guy Savoy’s restaurant La Monnaie in Paris
  • The set of plates called Goutte d’eau, which includes a butter plate and salt and pepper shakers by the French glass blowing workshop, Deux Ailes
  • The various books and DVDs by Guy Savoy, whose inspiration was drawn from the works of the author Brillat-Savarin (Physiologie du goût, 1825)

Bruno Moretti: a true friend

We will unveil these brand-new table knives designed by Guy Savoy and Bruno Moretti.

These two men have been working together for several years. Both of them are from Nevers and they share a passion for the simple things in life, warm friendships and of course, fine dining.

The collaboration between Bruno Moretti and Guy Savoy has been fruitful. Their shared love of aesthetics has already fuelled several successful projects.

Among their many projects is an exclusive line of dishes created by the porcelain-maker Bernardaud and a collection of stainless steel kitchen utensils called Human collection, which includes heart-shaped salad bowls, salad dishes accented with simple designs, snacks spoons, etc.

The common theme present in these various creations is a shared aesthetic and a drive to innovate. Their goal is to bring items used in the kitchen to the table: "We have magnificent utensils in the kitchen; it is interesting to bring them to the table and use them as service utensils."

The new TB Groupe / Guy Savoy table and kitchen knives will no doubt confirm this kitchen to table movement!

Guy Savoy

The creative idea evident at all of Guy Savoy’s restaurants is brining the act of cooking closer to the dining room.

This former rugby player in his sixties is known for his epicurean taste and respect for his clientele. Guy Savoy is always sure to greet all of his guests, not just the VIP guests, which have included George Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Jacques Chirac, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Angela Merkel, Céline Dion and Charles Aznavour.

One thing is certain, Guy Savoy loves his customers - this is surely one of the reasons this famous chef is so incredibly popular.

Finally, Guy Savoy is a caring, cheerful, dynamic and immensely talented chef who is world-renowned for his exceptional culinary savoir-faire.

Guy Savoy’s most recent restaurant, La Monnaie in Paris, has made it its mission to find the perfect balance of passion, talent and respect for the culinary arts.

This sentence taken from his autobiography, Savourer La Vie, Flammarion, reflects his endearing personality: "For me, cuisine is the dream craft. It is synonymous with celebrations. I see cooks as the heart of our society. It is the last modern link in a chain of authentic traditions. For me, a cook is an innkeeper and the modern restaurant is the ultimate place of contemporary civilization."

Essential addresses

If you haven’t already heard about Guy Savoy, his high-end French cutlery manufactured by TB Groupe and designed by Bruno Moretti, which will soon be unveiled; we invite you to check out Guy Savoy’s official website!

We also advise you to dine at one of his sumptuous restaurants in Paris:

  • Restaurant: Guy Savoy - Monnaie de Paris - 11 quai de Conti, 75006 Paris
  • Restaurant: Étoile-sur-Mer - 18 rue Troyon - 75017 Paris
  • Rotisserie restaurant: Atelier Maitre Albert - 75004 Paris
  • Restaurant: Les Bouquinistes - 75006 Paris
  • Restaurant: Le Chiberta - 75008 Paris
  • Restaurant: L’Huîtrade - 13 rue Troyon - 75017 Paris
  • Boutique: Goût de Bropche - 54 rue Mazarine Troyon - 75006 Paris
See you soon for more information about the partnership between Guy Savoy and TB Groupe. We will keep our loyal clientele informed about the evolution of this exciting project, combining high-end French cutlery and this famous chef’s world.