French-made cutlery signed with the TB Groupe logo will soon be featured at Coutellia trade fair in Thiers!

Coutellia, the international trade fair featuring artistic and traditional cutlery, will be celebrating its 26th anniversary in Thiers, France May 14-15, 2016. TB Groupe will be present at this key event, which has established itself as the preeminent showcase for French-made cutlery and attracts international exhibitors. The Auvergne region is looking forward to welcoming close to 5,000 visitors in one month!

French-made cutlery signed with the TB Groupe logo will soon be featured at Coutellia trade fair in Thiers!

An excellent showcase for Made in France cutlery and the city of Thiers

An international event

The International Trade Fair of Artistic and Traditional Cutlery will be returning to Thiers May 14-15, 2016! Coutellia’s organizers are ready and putting the finishing touches on the 26th anniversary event.

This year’s even has grown in stature and will welcome 200 exhibitors from 20 countries in a showroom spanning 2,000m2 (approx. 21,527ft2). It is estimated that 3,000-5,000 visitors will attend this event which will take place along the banks of the Durolle River.

The greatest specialists in artistic cutlery, artisanal manufacturing and collectors from Germany, the USA, Australia and Japan will showcase unique and previously unseen cutlery items aimed at seducing both seasoned amateurs and curious individuals alike. The most famous cutlery companies from the French region of Thiers, including TB Groupe, will naturally be present at this event.

Many organized events aimed at putting Thiers and its environs in the limelight will pepper this two-day event. Check out the event program at the bottom of this page for more details!

Promoting the Made in France Cutlery Company in Thiers

Coutellia is the perfect occasion for featuring the city of Thiers and its deeply rooted history as the hub of artisanal and industrial French cutlery manufacturing and displaying it in front of an international audience.

Thiers is an important economic center dedicated to manufacturing French-made knives. Since its founding over 25 years ago, Coutellia has never stopped growing in stature. Thanks to this event Thiers will enjoy excellent media coverage.

Below we provide you with some statistics illuminating the place Thiers holds in the French and global cutlery industry:

  • For the past 8 centuries Thiers has dedicated itself to manufacturing cutlery and passing down traditional knowledge from generation to generation
  • 78 manufacturers and 34 artisanal cutlers employ more than 850 individuals – proving the industry’s positive influence in the local economy and ability to produce employment opportunities
  • 300,000 products are created daily
  • 80% of the knives manufactured in France are made in Thiers
  • The "Made in France" cutlery collection consists of 20,000 models including: professional grade kitchen knives, gadgets, diverse cutting tools, silverware, pocket knives, plates, accessories for wine cellars, utensils, etc.
  • A generated turnover of 233 million Euros on exports out of the Thiers region. This represents 3% of Auvergne’s total economy (cutlery articles are ranked the region’s 10th most exported product)

TB Groupe will naturally be present at the 26th anniversary event!

TB Groupe and an array of artisans and manufacturers!

TB Groupe, the irrefutable leader of French knife sales, is pleased to take part in this year’s Coutellia event, as are the other artisans and cutlery companies from Thiers.

At this event the public will be able to discover knives created by true artists in the cutlery sector as well as a comprehensive selection of products created daily by cutlery companies from the Thiers region.

Visitors can browse a wide variety of knives designed for a multitude of uses, including: everyday home use, the food service industry and other professional sectors.

The cutlery industry is a sector that includes many different industries sharing one point in common - they create articles that have the ability to cut: Kitchen knives, scissors, silverware and razor manufacturers, blacksmiths, etc.

The 2016 Coutellia program

Not-to-be-missed events

  • A workshop on assembling knives given by members of the Confrérie du Couteau Le Thiers ®. Thanks to these members every visitor will be able to create their own French knife from Thiers®!
  • Several forging demonstrations will take place throughout the weekend. These demonstrations will be given by members and apprentice blacksmiths from the Centre de Formation and will share their knowledge and specialized training about crafting cutlery.
  • A stand dedicated to knife sharpening run in partnership with the French Cutlery Federation (Fédération française de la Coutellerie).
  • Several demonstrations on knife skills given by famous chefs
  • Workshops given by various associations including: l’Association des Vieilles Lames, the Confrérie du Tire-bouchon and the Rasophiles that will be showcasing razors that were made over the past 2,000 years!

The key locations

  • The section dedicated to ancient knives: Collectable pieces will be on show at Coutellia in a large festival tent. Knife enthusiasts will enjoy seeing knives from the 16th century called Dailles, flat knives, pocket knives from the 17th and 18th century and even hunting knives and knives de venerie!
  • The “cutler’s village” including a blacksmithing and knife assembly workshop.
  • The city of Thiers’ museums, notably the Cutlery Museum Musée de la Coutellerie.
  • The catering area where you can grab a bite to eat and recharge your battery!

For those of you that speak French you can get more details on the following website

During the international Coutellia trade fair, Thiers and its environs prides itself in achieving the goal of being known and famous for being the key reference in the French cutlery sector. It also hopes to contribute to the industry’s international notoriety. We hope that Coutellia will be an event that is celebrated for years to come! Feel free to check out our Facebook page where we will let you know how the event went after it takes place!