Holiday gift ideas: knives from Thiers and TB Groupe’s cutlery items!

Are you running low on ideas for holiday gifts? Don’t worry, the following article will provide you with several ideas that will help you on your search for the perfect holiday gift. We will give you a peek at a couple of knives created in Thiers, France by the cutlery company TB Groupe that are sure to spark your interest. Knives are a perfect gift as they never go out of style, are useful and are sure to please! The holidays are just around the corner so let’s look at some of TB Groupe’s knives that will make an ideal gift!

Holiday gift ideas: knives from Thiers and TB Groupe's cutlery items!

High-end kitchen knives from Thiers, France: there’s something for everyone

For a chef in need of a brand new set of knives

The set of 5 Evercut® Furtif kitchen knives will allow you to complete every kitchen task comfortably and easily.

These knives made in Thiers, France have a refined design and are incredibly efficient. They are created using Evercut®, TB Groupe’s latest technology. Their unbelievably sharp blade is made by fusing Titanium Carbide along the blade’s cutting edge. They last 300 times longer than traditional steel knives!

Countless specialists in the cooking industy and amateur chefs consider Evercut® knives to be the best tools presently available on the cutlery market.

This set of very high-end kitchen knives includes all of the knives required to create a sumptuous meal:

  • A paring knife (9 cm/approx. 3.5 in blade)
  • A multipurpose knife (11 cm/approx. 4.3 in blade)
  • A chef’s knife (19 cm/approx. 7.5 in blade)
  • A Santoku knife (19 cm/approx. 7.5 in blade)
  • A kitchen knife (21cm/approx. 8.3 in blade)

This knife set is available at a discounted price of €352. Feel free to order it on our e-shop!

For your youngest child who has just left the nest

There is a good reason why ceramic kitchen knives are becoming increasingly popular! TB Groupe’s ceramic knives are characterized by their exceptionally sturdy blade, offering a phenomenal cutting capacity that greatly exceeds that of your average ceramic knife.

Their strong bade is created using a premium-quality material with a high percentage of zirconium dioxide, the second strongest mineral in the world after diamond and is known for its abrasive qualities.

The box set that we would like to put in the limelight is a complete set of 5 black ceramic kitchen knives from the successful collection, Le Couteau du Chef. What’s more, this set also comes with a peeler. The following lists the items included in this knife set:

  • A paring knife (8 cm/approx. 3 in blade)
  • A steak knife (10 cm/approx. 4 in blade)
  • A kitchen knife (13 cm/approx. 5 in blade)
  • A chef’s knife (15 cm/approx. 6 in blade)
  • A Santoku knife (13 cm/approx. 5 in blade)
  • A peeler

These long-lasting knives have light and sturdy ergonomic handles made of ABS that are finished with a Soft Touch coating. They are shipped in protective sheaths that keep their cutting edges sharp. You can order them on our e-shop for €49.

The joy of setting your table with TB Groupe cutlery

Gift your child with elegant and contemporary knives from Thiers

The collection of Auguste® table knives, which was recently made available to the general public, is created in Thiers, France by Tarrerias-Bonjean. This collection was already a great success within the hotel and restaurant industries.

TB Groupe’s R&D department designed this collection of table knives by blending traditional and modern cutlery designs to create knives that reflect the 21st century.

With these knives you can personalize your formal and refined table setting while offering your guests knives which are like none other, which can be paired with all different styles of dishware. The collection of “Made in France” Auguste® table knives is available with various handles and blades, providing you with a collection of timeless knives.

The price for the Auguste® table knives from Thiers, France starts at €35. You can mix and match different models as they become available on our e-shop.

One of TB’s leading products: the traditional “Made in France” Laguiole Evolution Sens

TB Groupe makes owning genuine Laguiole knives possible with the line Laguiole Evolution Sens. This collection stands out for its classy design, which brings a modern twist to this famous French knife’s traditional design.

Manufactured in Thiers, these high-end knives with full-tang blades have a mirror-like finish and ergonomic handles made of acrylic that is dyed in the mass. Your dinner guests are going to love their bright colors!

We must also underline the quality of the stainless steel that is used to create their blades, which is very high in Chromium, a completely rust-resistant material. They are incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

The set of TB Laguiole Evolution Sens table knives is available for €149.

An original gift: a military pocketknife

The “Protecteur” pocketknife: for the adventurous family member

This 100% French-made knife, categorized as a military knife, is sure to please trail-blazers who love exploring nature on long excursions, hikes and hunting or fishing trips. The Protecteur pocketknife was designed in collaboration with Philippe Perrotti.

Author of several successful books about strategies of war and defense, Perrotti is an eminent arms and combat specialist. This military pocketknife was specially designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. It is a perfect example of the Thiers region’s excellent knives. This is one of TB Groupe cutlery company’s leading products and is used by the teams of helicopter pilots in the French Army’s light aircraft crews. You can order it online for €89.

If you like the Protecteur knife, feel free to read our article, which came out a while ago, about our outdoor knives. You will find detailed information about the Maraudeur, a reliable outdoor knife that will spark your interest!

We hope that we have provided you with a few gift ideas that will please your special someone. We wish you a happy holiday and New Year a bit ahead of time! Feel free to browse our e-shop, where you will find countless other knives from Thiers and TB cutlery articles. Thank you and see you soon!