In-depth information about MOOC Afpa’s 2017 winter session of online cooking classes!

The Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) - organized by Afpa (Adult Vocational Training Association) - will take place over a three-week period, beginning on December 4, 2017. This session marks the 3rd year of Afpa online cooking classes, which will explore the world of oenology. A Facebook page and forum were created for this course, allowing participants a chance to share their experiences and exchange ideas.

In-depth information about MOOC Afpa's 2017 winter session of online cooking classes!

Learn about wine online: MOOC Afpa 2017 winter session

Mooc Afpa’s 2017 session begins December 4th

Afpa is proud to be bringing back its MOOC online cooking courses for a third consecutive year. This new session, covering the subject of oenology, kicks off on December 4, 2017.

This three-week course is sponsored by TB Groupe, France’s number one cutlery manufacturer. During this class participants will learn about wine, including information about grape varietals, the vinification process, wine and food pairing and the different steps involved in a wine tasting.

The first week of MOOC Afpa 2017

During the first week of MOOC Afpa’s online cooking class beginners and seasoned amateurs will learn about the art of wine tasting starting with the three major aspects of wine. This section covers appearance, aroma/flavor, structure/texture and also how to recognize the different grape varietals.

Afpa’s oenology experts will share their expertise and passion, giving participants a comprehensive guide on wine tasting, including the following steps:

  • Describing a wine’s appearance (rim, color, clarity/turbidity, oxidization)
  • Recognizing, identifying and classifying aromas
  • Memorizing different categories of aromas
  • Understanding balance
  • How a wine’s aroma and taste transforms over time

Learning about wine online: weeks two and three

During the following two weeks, those participating in MOOC Afpa’s 2017 online cooking class will put their acquired knowledge into practice by pairing wine and food.

Students will be taught the importance of wine pairing. French gastronomy relies heavily on this principle; by the end of this course participants will be able to impress their dinner guests by selecting the perfect wine for the dish that they have prepared.

Through the MOOC Afpa online cooking class, professional oenologists will teach students how to pair wine using the following information:

  • How wine matures after it is bottled
  • The ideal serving temperatures for serving different wines
  • All about wine glasses
  • Decantation
  • Apéritif wines
  • What order to serve wines during a meal
  • Pairing food and wine
  • The effects different wines have on us

Online cooking classes sponsored by the cutler Tarrerias-Bonjean

Learn about wine online with TB Groupe

Afpa organizes MOOC’s online cooking classes. The first two years of these courses were very successful, so they will be brought back for a third year, which will be starting December 4, 2017.

Tarrerias-Bonjean, the cutlery company from Thiers, France, sponsors this culinary art event, which will be covering oenology. The MOOC online cooking classes are the perfect opportunity for lovers of oenology and gastronomy to immerse themselves in the culture of wine and to learn techniques from experts.

A friendly online platform

The MOOC classes are held on an online platform designed to introduce participants to the world of culinary art through various online cooking courses taught by experienced instructors. MOOC’s website was recently updated to provide users with a more interactive and user-friendly online experience.

A Facebook page and forum were created for participants to broaden their culinary experience by sharing photos, tutorials, etc.

If you plan on participating in these online cooking classes and have already taken previous courses with MOOC Afpa, we recommend that you clear your internet browser’s history and cookies before starting the new session about oenology. Voilà, now you are ready to learn how to easily navigate the wine world!