Industry week: Mathieu Obert and his successful apprenticeship with TB Groupe

For the fifth edition of industry week, the UIMM from Auvergne along with different media from the region decided to present diverse specialities within the cutlery field and the company TB Groupe through highlighting Mathieu Obert’s brilliant career track. Mathieu Obert is presently completing his apprenticeship with the Générale de Découpage.

Industry week: Mathieu Obert and his successful apprenticeship with TB Groupe

TB Groupe at the heart of Industry Week

The fifth edition of Industry Week

Industry week (Semaine de l’Industrie) has taken place every spring since 2011. Industry Week’s goal is to present industrial manufacturing and its trades to the general public, young people and prospective employees. This initiative organized by the Direction Générales des Entreprises (DGE – Directorate General for Enterprises) and public authorities will celebrate the fifth edition of this event from March 30 to April 5, 2015. Industry week, an event of great magnitude, allows the general public to come into contact with individuals working in different industrial enterprises to learn about the services associated with the field. One of the events main objectives is to highlight the structural role industry has in France and promote modern industrial sites.

During this week numerous free events were organized throughout France:

  • Open houses at different companies
  • Professional forums
  • Educational workshops
  • Competitions on the subject of industry
  • Conferences and debates, etc.

At last year’s Industry Week over 250,000 individuals participated in 2,800 events organized around France.

The Auvergne UIMM and the media promote TB Groupe

TB Groupe took part in the celebration this year, as it does every year. Several institutions and local media were attracted to this company from Thiers which makes original French knives. They decided to showcase 26 year-old Mathieu Obert’s astonishing career track. The young man is in the process of completing an apprenticeship on the diverse branches of the cutlery trade. He is completing this apprenticeship with Générale de Découpage, a TB Groupe subsidiary specializing in metal work.

The (UIMM) Union of Metallurgy Industries and Businesses - L’union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie created an information booklet including an interview with Mathieu. This interview evokes the rich diversity of his occupation while reflecting the joy he finds in working for an industrial enterprise.

Mathieu also gave two radio interviews for Industry Week:

  • One for the radio station Scoop broadcasting from Clermont-Ferrand
  • The other for France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne with the journalist Aline Picarony

These events highlight Mathieu Obert’s striking career path as well as the role TB Groupe plays in the regional and national industrial network

Cutlery apprenticeship explored through Mathieu Obert’s career path

Mathieu Obert symbolizes a successful apprenticeship

Two years ago Mathieu Obert began his apprenticeship in the cutlery world when he joined TB Groupe’s Générale de Découpage. Originally from Bourgogne, this 26 year-old has followed a career path that is anything but commonplace: Mathieu has two professional Bacs (the French equivalent of a technical college baccalaureate) one of which specializes in designing industrial products.

After obtaining this first degree he went on to complete a BTS (Advanced Technical Certificate) via school training combined with a professional development program with TB Groupe. Motivated by this successful experience and brimming with personal drive he went on to continue his studies at Oyonnax while continuing his post at Générale de Découpage.

Mathieu Obert explains the beginning of his professional success:

“Thanks to this apprenticeship I discovered another world, the world of industry. At first I knew nothing about knives and the cutlery universe. I especially benefited from discovering all of the different occupations that exist within the company. The relationships I created with my more experienced colleagues where very educational. I particularly appreciate working in a team, we communicate a lot in order to design an exceptional product.”

Quality training creates an exceptional cutlery industry

Mathieu Obert’s career track and his successful apprenticeship perfectly illustrate the standards of quality and occupational knowledge which TB Groupe’s entire staff exhibits.

“I felt like I could become self-sufficient quickly when I was working in the engineering department certifying the strategic designs for manufacturing moulds,” states Mathieu. “I am not afraid to take on responsibilities, even if all of my work is controlled and verified. It is very satisfactory for a young person to know that someone is counting on me, my work and the daily role it plays in the company.”

Mathieu Obert’s success and the superb quality of his apprenticeship are a testament to TB Groupe’s successful innovation policy which has been ongoing for several years. Do not forget that the company sets aside 5% of its annual revenue to fund Research and Development. This ongoing push for innovation helped boost the company to become the number 1 in the French cutlery industry. Mathieu concludes:

“Our opinions count, we collaborate directly with the company’s designers, especially when it concerns ergonomics and product aesthetics. They propose a knife model and our role consists of studying the manufacturing process to make future mass production possible. Working in the Thiers knife universe, the historical cradle of cutlery, represents a great opportunity for me. This is why I am proud to already be part of and participate in TB Groupe’s ever-expanding prestige!”

With the fabulous work Mathieu Obert, TB Groupe and the Thiers cutlery industry do this is surely not the last time we will hear about them…