Laguiole Evolution appetizer set: an original and colorful design

TB Groupe presents an original appetizer set equipped with specialized cutlery; perfect for your cocktail parties, small gatherings and meals with family or friends. This new arrival is part of the Laguiole Evolution Acidulés collection. These utensils are perfect for a cheerful gathering due to their colorful yet elegant design. They might just spark your interest as a perfect holiday gift for someone special!

Laguiole Evolution appetizer set: an original and colorful design

A chic, original and colorful appetizer set

A great holiday gift idea!

The Laguiole Evolution appetizer set is chic and modern. This set is composed of utensils whose original design has been updated with a bit of pizzazz due to their vivid colored handles. These utensils were specifically designed for consuming small portions and are easy-to-handle. They are perfectly adapted for bite-sized appetizers.

The Laguiole Evolution appetizer set is perfect for comfortably enjoying tapas, petits fours, French verrines and bite-sized appetizers in the holiday spirit, promising moments of relaxation and joy.

The forks, spoons and cocktail picks which comprise this original appetizer set are sure to be the stars of your holiday appetizer spread. Why not make mini shish kebobs using the brightly-colored cocktail picks? Savor sumptuous toasts blanketed with foie gras thanks to the micro-serrated mini-forks or enjoy a beautifully-layered French verrine with the assortment of tiny spoons.

The brightly colored 12-piece Laguiole Evolution set

The 12 accessories in the Laguiole Evolution appetizer set have vivid colors that are pleasant to the eye. They are made with a stainless steel with high chrome content, making them rust-resistant.

Their ergonomically designed handles are made of ABS, a light and robust material, making them extremely easy-to-handle. ABS is a widely used polymer, currently used to manufacturing high-end cutlery articles.

This original set created by the TB Groupe Design & Creation department is composed of the following articles:

  • 4 small two-pronged forks
  • 4 appetizer spoons
  • 4 cocktail picks

It should be noted that the bright and vivid colors of these utensils allows you to assign a specific color to each of your guests, satisfying everyone’s preferences and desires. So who’s got the green, pink, blue or purple?

Laguiole Evolution by TB Groupe

An original appetizer set created by TB Groupe

The Laguiole Evolution appetizer box set can be characterized by its modern appearance and distinctive look which borrows from the Laguiole knives’ famous design.

The Laguiole Evolution kitchen articles embrace the classic design which brought the Laguiole knives fame, while adapting it to a more modern look. They are all marked with the legendary Laguiole bee logo – which has become a symbol designating quality manufacturing.

The following lists the main characteristics of this original Laguiole Evolution Acidulés appetizer set – a luxury item sold at an unbeatable price:

With this set, created by Tarrerias-Bonjean, your course of appetizers is sure to be a success! All you need to do now is usher your guests to the dinner table to enjoy oysters and seafood with the appropriate utensils!

A successful cocktail or finger food dinner party

Make you first course last longer with the original Laguiole Evolution appetizer set and the following tips:

  • Mix “homemade” with “ready-made.” Even if you can find what you need at the supermarket or from a specialized culinary salesperson, don’t forget to prepare some dishes yourself. Your guests will appreciate it. Little toasts accompanied by vegetables always make a good impression without too much time lost organizing.
  • Simplify your preparations by avoiding sauces and sticking to finger food. If you can, make sure you have plates, napkins and finger bowls for rinsing.
  • Don’t forget to serve hot dishes. Serve cold and salty appetizers followed by a warm and sweet dish. Let your imagination and taste guide you!
  • Don’t forget cheese-based foods as well as sweet products which are sometimes forgotten during the first course. Small cubes of cheese and dishes like cakes and cookies are sure to please your guests.
  • Make your mark. When it comes to making a sensation, the possibilities are endless: content of your dishes, food texture, rare products… One thing is sure, with the Laguiole Evolution appetizer set, you’ve already won points for originality and elegance!
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