Laguiole Evolution: kitchen knife set + knife block on sale!

Our line of Laguiole Evolution kitchen knives are presently for sale on our e-commerce website. The knife sets come in two different colors and each set is sold with a matching brightly colored storage block. This discount will make you leave your hesitations behind!

Laguiole Evolution: kitchen knife set + knife block on sale!

Laguiole Evolution kitchen knives

The Laguiole Evolution line

Is it really necessary to present our renowned line of Laguiole Evolution kitchen knives?

These famous Laguiole knives already have a firmly anchored reputation. These reinvented kitchen knives, marked with a bee insignia, are based on the blueprint of this timeless knife. Their new technical design has brought about an evolution and moved this traditional knife to a more modern prototype. One of the quality characteristics of these knives is their full-length stainless steel blade which spans the entire length of the handle and has a mirror like sheen.

The meticulous workmanship and their sharp blade are proof of the attention to detail and control that goes into every step of the manufacturing process from the blade grinding process, to their assembly and final polishing. All of the manufacturing steps used to this knife set are performed with care in order to guarantee their TB Groupe certified quality.

High-end kitchen knives

The Laguiole Evolution kitchen knives are forged with the highest quality stainless steel in order to guarantee that these high-end cutlery utensils have a long-lasting and high performance blade.

Their blades have an excellent cutting capacity. Their well-balanced and ergonomic design allows for a sure and easy grip.

Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, this set of knives has a unique and timeless style which blends perfectly into every setting. These Laguiole kitchen knives go perfectly with all different styles of tableware.

A knife block for organizing a set of kitchen knives

This knife set’s distinguishing features

The brightly colored knife block from the Laguiole Evolution line shares a similar design to that of the Laguiole Evolution kitchen utensils.

The set of Laguiole knives is comprised of five pieces:

  • An 11 centimeter slicing knife
  • A 13 centimeter multipurpose universal knife
  • A 14 centimeter micro-serrated knife for cutting fruits and vegetables
  • A 17 centimeter kitchen knife
  • A 19 centimeter chef’s knife

A stylish and practical knife block

The set of Laguiole Evolution kitchen knives are stored in a multipurpose storage block whose bed of rigid and shock-resistant ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic beautifully showcases your kitchen utensils. This knife block is available in two different colors:

The Laguiole Evolution knife block will allow you to securely organize your kitchen knives or other utensils. Do not hesitate to bring a little bit of color to your kitchen with this set of knives!

This practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen knife block will elegantly decorate your kitchen’s working surface while making access to your kitchen tools easy.

These bright red and carbon black Laguiole Evolution kitchen knife sets and their matching storage blocks are on sale now. You can order this knife set and matching storage block or browse our other cutlery products by visiting TB Groupe’s online shop.