Last chance to purchase TB Groupe’s rosewood kitchen knives!

Over the past few months, rosewood has been the subject of new regulations prohibiting its commercial exploitation. TB Groupe is taking action in accordance with the regulations put in place by the international regulatory authorities. TB Groupe would like to inform its clients that their collections of kitchen knives with rosewood handles -which are on sale on TB Groupe’s online shop- are the last ones of the series.

Last chance to purchase TB Groupe's rosewood kitchen knives!

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is taking action

The CoP17 CITES meeting took things up a notch

Using ivory to create artisanal and industrial objects has been forbidden since 2016. Presently rosewood is being subjected to very strict regulations. Rosewood is now protected by an international convention whose aim is to conserve raw materials and the environment.

The 17th meeting of the Conference of the CITES Parties (CoP17) took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from September 24 to October 5, 2016. During this meeting a decision was made to ban the supply of tropical wood for industrial use. This agreement, which is now in effect, will have an impact on several manufacturing sectors including kitchen knife manufacturers like TB Groupe.

This agreement concerns the trade of all rosewood species, which have been separated into the following 2 major categories:

The Dalbergia genus is comprised of 300 species, all of which are affected by this agreement.

Punishable violations

Rosewood has been used all over the world since the 18th century. It was often used by ébénistes to create luxury furniture and musical instruments. It was also used to make marquetry and to manufacture cutlery and pocketknives. The latter often have handles made of sumptuous rosewood.

Previously, only 60 of the 300 rosewood species were classified as precious but not yet endangered woods. At that time, these 60 species were approved for use in the artisanal and industrial sectors. Even at that time, the use of those woods required the industry to undergo regular inspections to monitor their use.

Several logging companies took advantage of the customs authorities’ lack of law enforcement concerning precious woods. Over the years, these woods became very rare.

Rosewood is in high demanded on the Asian market (particularly in China) however it is less popular in Europe and America.

Over the past few years rosewood was imported at incredibly high prices due to its increasing rarity. 1 m3 (35 ft3) of the most prestigious rosewood species could be sold for approximately 1.5 million dollars.


At the beginning of the 20th century the rosewood found in French Guiana was placed under protection as an endangered species. Before this act, the global entity in charge of tracking the sales of fauna and flora recorded numbers proving that Madagascar was selling supplies of its rosewood at shockingly unsustainable levels.

A two-year survey showed that many varieties of precious woods were being logged at alarming rates. Between 2010 and 2015 350,000 protected tress were illegally logged. 150,000 tons of rosewood logs were illegally exported to China.

TB Groupe’s last kitchen knives with rosewood handles

Protecting endangered species

Today the legislation concerning rosewood has been clearly defined. All rosewood exports and imports must have a permit in order to be authorized. This is a big victory for nature conservationists.

TB Groupe agrees with this new legislation and is prepared to adhere to the new regulations set in place to protect these natural raw materials.

This cutlery company based in Thiers, France has always manufactured its high-end French-made cutlery collections in compliance with quality and environmental standards.

TB’s last table and kitchen knives with rosewood handles are available for a short time only

All of TB’s stocks of raw materials and finished products must be used and sold: foremost the line of kitchen knives, Absolu and Auguste, which both have rosewood handles.

The following lists TB Groupe’s last kitchen knives with rosewood handles, which are available for sale:

The Absolu “Made in France” kitchen knives with rosewood handles

These professional-grade kitchen knives are used by the world’s greatest chefs and amateurs alike. These TB kitchen knives have a modern design and have a stainless steel blade that is rich in carbon and chromium, giving them a fantastic cutting capacity. These knives are not just for the pros!

The Auguste table knives

The Auguste knives have a wide array of handles made of different materials. They are a prime example of luxury cutlery, whose style harmoniously blends a classic and contemporary design. Their ergonomic handles are soft due to the natural rosewood. Their blades are made of a robust Alenox stainless steel that is extremely sharp. These high-end ultra efficient knives will make your table setting magnificent.

TB Groupe’s managers would like to note that they are taking the new legislation established at the CoP17 CITES meeting very seriously and will no longer be using rosewood to produce its cutlery items. However you are still able to order the last rosewood cutlery products featured in the Absolu and Auguste collections on our online shop. These items are sure to go up in value due to the newly enforced legislation!