Le Couteau du Chef peeler: A kitchen utensil made of stainless steel and titanium

TB Groupe presents a stainless steel kitchen utensil from the brand Le Couteau du Chef: the fruit and vegetable peeler. This comfortable and easy to handle kitchen accessory has an impressively sharp cutting edge due to its titanium-coated blade.

Le Couteau du Chef peeler: A kitchen utensil made of stainless steel and titanium

“Le Couteau de Chef” vegetable peeler’s distinguishing features

XXL format

The Le Couteau du Chef peeler’s rather imposing size immediately catches the eye. With this stainless steel kitchen utensil in hand you will be ready to tackle any vegetable or fruit based dish. Cutting these foodstuffs will be a breeze due to this tool’s distinguishing features:

  • XXL 9 cm (approx. 3.5 in) blade
  • Micro serrated stainless steel blade coated with non-stick titanium
  • A long lasting cutting edge that does not need sharpening
  • Made from hygienic materials
  • Easy maintenance: peeler may be rinsed with dish soap and water or put in the dishwasher

A stainless steel kitchen utensil with titanium coating

The stainless steel used to create this kitchen utensil’s blade protects it from corrosion and the formation of rust. Its titanium coating makes the peeler reliable and sturdy.

Titanium is a hygienic material which is non-stick and has antibacterial properties. These properties make the Le Couteau du Chef peeler incredibly practical. The fruits and vegetables that pass under its blade will not stick to its surface nor will it absorb bacteria and odors.

Titanium’s other advantages are its solid yet light and flexible properties. Titanium’s strong yet feather-light properties make this peeler handle much like a ceramic knife in terms of its ease of use.

Titanium also has a reputation for being extremely sharp. This material, paired with its stainless steel core make the Le Couteau de Chef’s blade guaranteed to cut – no fruit or vegetable can fight against it!

A colorful & multipurpose steel kitchen utensil

The multipurpose “Le Couteau du Chef” vegetable peeler

The peeler from the brand Le Couteau du Chef is made of high-end steel and has an extra large 9 cm (approx. 3.5 in) blade which is perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables of all sorts. Its functions are varied and numerous; the following is a list of some of its possible functions:

  • Quickly and easily peeling apples and pears
  • Slicing cabbage for salads
  • Thinly slicing onions
  • Preparing leeks with ease
  • Cutting zucchini lengthwise in strips or in disks
  • Etc.

This steel peeler is not only stylish and modern; it also comes in a variety of bright colors:

  • Pink
  • Black
  • Turquoise
  • Green

A 100% authentic brand from Thiers, France

The titanium coated peeler from the Le Couteu du Chef line of knives and kitchen utensils was made with the same spirit of innovation which brought TB Groupe, which is situated in Thiers, the French cradle of cutlery, its success.

The brand Le Couteau du Chef sells their products, including super sharp and sturdy ceramic knives, in many major department stores.

Both the TB Groupe and Le Couteu du Chef brands’ fame stems from the knowledge and the mastery of modern technologies which make creating these high-end products possible.

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