M&O 2016 and TB Groupe knives: a fabulous success!

This year’s 2016 Maison & Objet trade fair, which took place September 2016 in Paris, was again a great success. Maison & Objet is considered to be an A-list, must see event. Countless interior design professionals were represented at this year’s M&O. The cutlery company TB Groupe’s stand attracted a very high number of visitors and its various collections of kitchen knives caught the eye of many experts!

M&O 2016 and TB Groupe knives: a fabulous success!

September 2016 M&O trade fair: Most notable trends

Statistics and trends

This year’s Maison & Objet trade fair, which took place September 2-6, 2016, attracted a massive crowd of interior design specialists.

Trend hunters, with their notepads in hand, joyfully perused this year’s stands, looking to unveil the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 trends. Approximately 65,000 professionals attended this 5-day event and over 3,000 different brands from 64 countries showcased their products (including the cutlery company TB Groupe). The event was filled with fruitful discussions, successful business networking and positive impressions surrounding this burgeoning business sector.

What is trending in interior design for September 2016?

This year’s event was brimming with an abundance of warm colors and a return to minimalist graphic patterns that made the positive qualities of high-grade materials pop!

The event that took place in September was the second annual M&O convention. It was focused on providing items for holiday shoppers and was centered around the theme of innovation, which was reflected in six major design areas:

● Lighting
● Outdoor
● Materials and expert skills
● Interior decorating
● Bath & Wellness
● The hotel sector

The very beautiful project, “Paris Design Week,” should also be recognised because it allowed individuals visiting the trade fair a chance to meet with and share the highlights of this year’s M&O with the public through organized events held throughout Paris.

From the House of Games to Salon 2.0

As we explained in a recent article, Maison & Objet’s creators designed several different and hitherto unseen spaces that were focused on decoration trends, including: House of Games, Forest of Resonating Lamps by TeamLab, Light Trend by Akari-Lisa Ishii and a library of materials called MarériO’.

Numerous conferences discussing the decoration sector’s future brought the expo center to life. The public was enthralled by the conferences given by Ora Ïto, Yann Kersalé and Piero Lissoni, which were very memorable.

From a technical point of view - the newly installed networking tool Designer’s Studio by Ilse Crawford was used for the very first time during M&O 2016 and its was unanimously applauded.

This year’s event confirmed that individuals showed a major interest in the recent launch of M&O’s brand new digital platform “MAISON&OBJET AND MORE.” The representatives from TB Groupe, the n°1 cutlery company in France, showed a great appreciation for this new website. It allows each brand that participated at the M&O trade fair to stay in contact 24/7 throughout the entire year, thereby creating a functional professional community. This simple and efficient tool of communication is a very welcome asset to the design community.

An equally successful event for TB Groupe cutlery company and its products

Innovation with a French touch

Two of the themes that the September 2016 M&O touched upon were savoir-faire and innovation. One does not need to wonder why one of the cutlery company TB Groupe’s iconic items again created a buzz and caught the eye of numerous visitors. This product is the famous Evercut® kitchen knife, which is available in several of TB Groupe’s collections!

Each Evercut® knife is signed TB Groupe and is created using a revolutionary manufacturing technique that gives them incomparably strong cutting edges. Their cutting capacity is much greater than that of the highest quality ceramic knives and stainless steel knives.

What is the secret behind their manufacturing techniques?

TB Groupe uses their patented technology that fuses titanium carbide along the cutting edge of the knife.

Beyond their overall appearance, these knives practically never become dull and cut efficiently for very long periods of time. If a problem arises and a client decides that their knife needs to be resharpened, which happens very rarely, TB Groupe’s after-sales service will provide them with maintenance services.

TB Groupe’s Evercut® collection

As in past years, the Evercut® collection was a very popular item at the M&O trade fair, gaining attention from visitors. Professionals from the culinary arts and kitchen sectors showed great interest in all of the available products that feature our unique Evercut® technology. The most popular TB Groupe Evercut® knives were the following:

It should be noted that the Evercut® kitchen knives are reserved for professional use only. Non-professionals can also order these knives through TB Groupe’s online shop.

The individuals that represented TB Groupe at this year’s M&O would like to thank those that organized the event and for their hospitality, which as always was impeccable. If you attended this event or visited the cutlery company TB Groupe’s stand feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page. Thank you and see you soon!