“Made in France” table knives: Auguste, TB’s new arrival!

TB Groupe presents you with its newest arrival, a line of colorful table knives called Auguste: a 6-piece set of knives with colorful handles, available at an incredibly low price! Find out how to get very high-end cutlery articles at unbeatable prices!

“Made in France” table knives: Auguste, TB's new arrival!

Professional-grade “Made in France” table knives!

For fancy occasions or daily use

The 6 Auguste table knives in this brand-new set from TB cutlery company are part of the Quotidien collection, which is comprised of the following lines Quotidien, Naturel (with wood or horn handles) and Technique (with POM/G10/PA6 handles).

These “Made in France” table knives can be used during parties or on a daily basis. They are sure to charm your dinner guests. They are easy to maintain and are dishwasher friendly.

Details about Auguste, TB’s 6-piece set of French table knives

The Auguste table knives are made in Thiers, France by TB Groupe, France’s number one knife seller. They were created by Tarrerias-Bonjean’s design and R&D departments.

Their main features

The Auguste table knives have the following fabulous features:

  • Their 10.5 cm micro-serrated blade (approx. 4 inches) is made of high-end stainless steel. These blades are created using a top-notch material created in collaboration with the Générale de Découpage (GDD). This alloy’s Rockwell hardness scale was recorded at 58 HCR and presents a perfect balance of carbon and iron. Its high percentage of chromium makes it incredibly rust resistant. These table knives have an impressive cutting capacity. They are capable of cutting a wide variety of foods, even after regular use, thanks to their sharp cutting edge.
  • Their ergonomic handle made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) has a matt texture. ABS is a new-generation polymer that is light and strong. Its anti-shock properties make them practically impossible to break. These “Made in France” table knives are easy to use.

You’re in luck! This 6-piece set “Made in France” Auguste table knives is available at an incredibly low price - €30. You can order them on our e-shop. They come with a very practical storage box, which protects them and keeps them organized.

Auguste by TB Groupe: quality and design

The Auguste table knives are available in several colors that will bring elegance to your table.

Their design is a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles that give them a luxurious, laid-back, colorful and convivial look.

These timeless and handy knives are proving to be just as popular with our clients as TB Groupe’s other knife set, Camaïeux Record. This knife set is comprised of 6 steak knives. There are four different colored handles to choose from (blue, red, green and earth tones). This set is also available at an unbeatable price - €8.

Chefs are giving them rave reviews

The Auguste table knives are of an irreproachable quality and design. These knives are now available to the general public.

For several years, Auguste knives were only available to those working in the restaurant profession. Over the years they gained success with countless prestigious restaurants and hotels in France, who to this day continue to use TB Groupe products for their hallmark design and quality.

”Made in France” table knives: TB Groupe quality

TB Groupe believes that quality manufacturing is the cornerstone of its production philosophy. They place the utmost care in every step of their manufacturing chain. Their wide variety of kitchen knives, including Evercut, Furtif, and Le Couteau du Chef are all designed and manufactured with care.

From their design to the moment they are shipped, nothing is left to chance. Tarrerias-Bonjean makes quality checks at each step of the manufacturing chain and adheres to both French and international standards for quality. TB Groupe is proud of ensuring transparency when it comes to their manufacturing practices. It is a highly competitive business that is constantly innovating in order to keep provide its clients TB quality cutlery!

Go ahead; treat yourself to a magnificent set of “Made in France” table knives at an unbelievable price! Feel free to check out our e-shop to get great deals of quality cutlery! Thanks and see you soon.