Maestro Forgé: TB’s Made in France collection enriches itself with new French stainless steel kitchen knives

Four stainless steel “forgé” kitchen knives accompanied by a carving fork have just completed the Maestro Evercut collection developed by TB Groupe. These knives, manufactured in our factory located in Thiers, France, will be available in our online boutique at the end of November 2015.

Maestro Forgé: TB's Made in France collection enriches itself with new French stainless steel kitchen knives

Knives Made in France and signed with the TB logo, delineating high-end French cutlery

The Maestro collection expands

TB Groupe will soon be launching a never before seen line of knives which are "Made in France." We recently told you about this line called Maestro in a previous article.

The four Maestro stainless steel forgé kitchen knives and carving knife will be available on sale shortly after the Maestro Evercut knives.

This exclusively high-end collection of French knives is composed of 4 knives which are extremely solid and have incredibly sharp cutting edges. They are soon to complete the Maestro Evercut line which consists of 7 knives which are “Made in France” and recognized for being virtually impossible to dull.

5 stainless steel French kitchen knives

TB, the designer label of knives which are “Made in France”

The Maestro collection consists of 4 stainless steel forgé kitchen knives (which are not made with Evercut technology) and their carving knife. The following lists their product details:

  • Maestro steak knife with a 12 cm (approx. 4.7 in) blade
  • Maestro multipurpose, micro serrated knife with a 13 cm (approx. 5.1 in) blade
  • Maestro boning knife with a 14 cm (approx. 5.5 in) blade
  • Maestro bread knife with a 21 cm (approx. 8.2 in) blade
  • 19 cm (approx. 7.4 in) Maestro carving knife

The Maestro kitchen knives are manufactured in Thiers, France. A traditional model of Forgé” knives inspired their design. This refined design meets the expectations of both professional butchers and those who use them every day in their home.

TB, the historical artisanal cutlery company from Thiers has reinterpreted one of the cutlery world’s greatest classics by the means of a modern manufacturing process.

Stainless steel kitchen knives with a ground breaking design

Our team of designers has updated the design of the knives in the Maestro collection. Their design reinterprets the form of the traditional Forgé kitchen knife, which are presently available on the market, adding a more modern feel to this classic style of knife.

We hope that they will satisfy lovers of fine knives of all generations.

A cutlery collection made from high quality stainless steel

TB cutlery certifies their quality

One of the undeniably strong points of this refined cutlery collection of kitchen knives, Maestro Forgé (Made in France), is the incredibly high quality of the stainless steel used to manufacture them:

  • Their very high percentage of chrome makes them extremely resistant to corrosion
  • The proportion of carbon in its alloy is one of the Maestro kitchen knife collection’s signature features, guaranteeing a strong blade with exceptional cutting capacity
  • The materials with which they are made follow both French and European standards for blades in terms of hygiene and are food-contact approved

It is important to note that these French kitchen knives shine not only because of the quality of their full-tang blades but also because of their ergonomic handles made of shock resistant POM (Polyoxymethylene).

Thermally treated blades

The care put into the thermal treatment of these blades makes a world of difference as this manufacturing process is used to manufacture the most high-end stainless steel kitchen knives.

During the manufacturing process, the annealing and quenching steps make the blades impressively strong. However their incomparably strong yet flexible qualities are inured during an innovative cryogenic procedure which has been skilfully mastered by our manufacturing team.

When the steel blade is dipped in liquid nitrogen it cools instantaneously, becoming a homogeneous structure, increasing its quality. This is due to the fact that the iron and carbon atoms shift their placement when the blade undergoes this intense cooling.

This collection of Maesto Forgé kitchen utensils, which are exclusive to TB Groupe cutlery, will be available on our online shop at the end of November 2015 (as will the Maestro Evercut knife collection). Check out our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with this collection’s exact release date and don’t forget to like us!