Make way for TB Groupe’s summer cutlery sale!

Listen up! This is a message for our loyal customers and those who love knives and kitchen utensils manufactured in Thiers: TB Groupe has announced the kick-start of its online summer sale! Starting today, you can find a wide variety of high-end utensils at unbeatable prices! Don’t hesitate - check out TB’s online shop today.

Make way for TB Groupe's summer cutlery sale!

Massive summer sales: cutlery from Thiers

Summer is here and we have significantly reduced our prices!

TB Groupe is celebrating summer’s arrival with a seductive summer sale on a wide variety of authentic TB Groupe knife collections marked with the TB logo!

This sale is the perfect chance to find great deals on our cutlery products produced in Thiers. This sale also features price cuts on our products from the Laguiole Evolution line of high-end knives and our essential kitchen utensils.

Find great prices on knives with ceramic blades or “ever-enduring” steel blades, knife blocks and knife sets of all different styles and much more. The time to take advantage of extremely high-quality products at unbelievable prices is now or never!

Summer sales and countless price cuts

TB Groupe’s knives have proven to be essential tools when it comes to summer BBQs and eating outside. These kitchen utensils will add the perfect finishing touch to cheerful meals shared with friends and family. Thanks to our seductively designed cutlery products produced in Thiers your guests will be brimming with joy.

The period of summer sales is upon us! You can choose between a wide variety of sales items such as:

TB Groupe celebrates the arrival of beautiful weather

The leader of cutlery from Thiers slashes its prices!

Many of our “Made in France” knives are available at incredible prices. How can you resist knives and kitchen utensils that are developed and manufactured by TB Groupe, the French leader of cutlery from Thiers?

The cutlery articles in the Laguiole Evolution collection make up a large portion of the products found in our summer sale.

This Laguiole Evolution collection is a beautiful example of a product line which has revisited the classic and timeless design of the famous Laguiole knives (with their emblematic bee logo), by bringing them a modern twist.

This line also comes in a colored version, many of which are organized in playful cases that will bring a warm and joyful ambiance to both your kitchen and dining room.

Discovering TB Groupe’s perfectionism

The summer sale season is a perfect time for our loyal customers to discover or rediscover our cutlery products manufactured using the very latest state-of-the-art knife manufacturing technologies.

Ever since TB Groupe’s creation, this knife manufacturing company from Thiers has developed a progressive set of values and constantly strove remain innovative. This line of high-end kitchen utensils embodies these company values.

Tarrerias-Bonjean’s board of directors has always put creating products of unwavering quality and satisfying its customers at the top of its list of priorities. Their goal is to create groundbreaking and reliable products which are constantly being improved upon. The knives manufactured using the EVERCUT technology are a perfect example of one of our product lines which implements an advanced technological processes.

TB Groupe is having an online sale, slicing the prices of many of its products to celebrate fun in the sun and summer sales. These sale items can be found on our website and e-shop. You know what you’ve got to do now! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for up-to-date news about the cutlery manufacturer from Thiers. On top of our summer sales other surprises could pop up during the summer season!