Military-grade outdoor training knife: new at TB Groupe!

TB Groupe, the high-end French cutlery company, is expanding its 2017 summer catalog with the addition of a brand-new knife, which is part of one of its most specialized collections - the C.A.C® military knife for outdoor training. Similar to previous models such as the Maraudeur and Protecteur, this very high-quality knife has already been a huge success. Recently, French Army officials selected it to be one of the tools included in their soldiers’ professional gear. The following article provides a detailed presentation of this knife.

Military-grade outdoor training knife: new at TB Groupe!

C.A.C®: latest-generation outdoor military training knife

TB Groupe, the cutlery company based in Thiers, France, collaborated with its subcontractor, the GDD (Générale De Découpage) to create the C.A.C.® military combat knife, which has greatly enriched TB Groupe’s collection of military knives.

Once again, the cutlery company Tarrerias-Bonjean has been selected to supply the French Army; their trusted partnership as founded several years ago and continues to flourish.

Presentation of the C.A.C® outdoor training knife

The C.A.C® is TB Groupe’s novel military knife. Its shape was designed after the French Army’s pocketknife, however this knife does not fold. The following lists several of its key features:

  • Its ergonomic handle has a simple design for increased user comfort and maneuverability during exercises
  • The tip of its blade is round and not sharp in order to avoid any risk of accidental injury. It is made of tempered stainless steel so that it can be used under all circumstances and in all types of weather without the risk of corrosive deterioration.

This military training knife can be worn easily when it is stored in our Kydex sheath, which was designed specifically for our line of outdoor knives. This product is sold separately.

Why purchase a military outdoor training knife?

The C.A.C® outdoor military training knife was designed for practicing various hand-to-hand (HTH) weapon handling techniques. It is distinguished from other knives of this kind by its cord-wrapped handle and eyelets located on its blade and handle.

What is hand-to-hand combat?

Hand-to-hand combat was taught in the French Army from 1979 to 1999. In 2001, a new method of hand-to-hand combat was created and adopted. This method is called TIOR (Techniques d’Interventions Opérationnelles Repprochées) and is used by the French Army’s Air, Land and Marine Corps.

The techniques used in TIOR are similar to those used by the French Air Force, which are called TAD (Techniques d’Auto-Défense).

It should be noted that as of 2009, an additional module, the C4, was added to TIOR. C4 is hand-to-hand combat used in high-intensity fights and is practiced by commandos and in the infantry.

TB Groupe’s Maraudeur and Protecteur are still available

Please note: For security reasons and to preserve the integrity of the French armed forces, our C.A.C® military knife will not be immediately available to the public.

However our other knives featured in our Outdoor collection are still available for sale. In previous years these knives were selected for use by the military and are also used by the special-operations forces. These knives, called the Maraudeur and the Protecteur, were designed with the help of military expert Philippe Perrotti.

The Maraudeur: symbolizing TB’s high-end cutlery

The Maraudeur is designed in Thiers, France in TB Groupe and the GDD’s workshops.

It has an exceptionally efficient, robust full tang blade. This knife was very carefully designed; special attention was given to the design of its trigger-shaped bolster located between the handle and the blade. This bolster provides a secure, comfortable grip.

This military knife’s ergonomic handle is also very remarkable. It is wrapped in military-grade 550 Paracord®, which has a very high breaking strength.

The Maraudeur is available in the following 3 models:

The Protecteur

The Protecteur is an extremely high-quality outdoor military knife, which is equipped with a double-edged full tang blade. The Protecteur is ideal for rapidly cutting through straps in emergency situations.

Its small size makes it an excellent backup tool with many positive features.

It is made of MOX® stainless steel, which is completely rust-resistant due to its very high chromium content. Its black PVD coating further increases its wear resistance qualities.

The Protecteur military knife has a rather aggressive look that may awaken the explorer in you. Its fiberglass-reinforced polyamide handle can stand up to the toughest situations.

Fee free to purchase our two outdoor military knives, the Maraudeur and the Protecteur on our e-shop. As for the C.A.C® combat training knife, you will have to be a little patient. We are sure that many of can’t wait to purchase it! We will keep you updated as soon as it is available to the public.