New: 4-piece Laguiole Evolution storage box with a wire lyre for cutting foie gras

Gourmets and gourmands, TB Groupe would like to present you with the newest arrival to its Laguiole Evolution collection: an elegant storage box with a stainless steel wire lyre for cutting foie gras accompanied by three other accessories for preparing delicious dishes with utter perfection!

New: 4-piece Laguiole Evolution storage box with a wire lyre for cutting foie gras

A lyre and accessories for cutting foie gras

TB Groupe’s new arrival

As it is a French custom to enjoy foie gras for the winter holidays, the cutlery company TB Groupe from Thiers would like to offer you the Laguiole Evolution storage box which will enable you to entertain your guests with a distinctly festive and French air.

The Laguiole Evolution storage box is specifically designed for preparing foie gras and is composed of the following 4 items:

  • A wire lyre for cutting foie gras
  • A foie gras serving knife
  • A jam spoon
  • A jam knife

Betwixt classical and modern

Enclosed in its clever storage unit, the foie gras cutter’s main feature is its stainless steel wire cutter which allows you to easily slice sections of foie gras.

The stainless steel parts are then polished with care, adding a mirror-like finishing touch. The handles are made of double-injected ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), giving them a very aesthetically pleasing “bright candy colored” effect. ABS is a rigid and shock resistant yet light polymer. It is often used in the manufacturing of high-end knives.

The Laguiole Evolution collection’s original and modern design was styled after the traditional Laguiole knife, one of France’s flagship cutlery products. The entire Laguiole Evolution collection of knives and kitchen utensils is marked with the famous signature bee logo. This logo is injected into the scale of the handle, giving these kitchen accessories a very original look.

A Laguiole Evolution Acidulé product by TB

A colorful storage box for a successful appetizer

This product is part of the Laguiole Evolution collection. This line of products is composed of numerous brightly colored articles.

The TB foie gras cutter and accessories are organized in a red bento box. This extremely practical box is reusable. It can be used for storing this foie gras set or other products, like mini jam jars.

Many agree that a slice of foie gras nestled on a piece of lightly toasted baguette or gingerbread goes perfectly with fig, onion or orange jam sprinkled with Espelette pepper.
Or maybe you prefer to accompany your foie gras with champagne jelly or a sweet white wine like a French Sauterne.

However, before you sit down to eat, we will let you in on the proper French way to prepare this delicious dish!

Tips for properly cutting foie gras with a Laguiole Evolution lyre

Firstly, it should be noted that when foie gras is too cold it breaks when it is sliced. It should not be served too hot as it looses its flavor. Here is the method for easily cutting foie gras without it breaking or crumbling:

  • Store it in the refrigerator or somewhere cool for several hours then place it at room temperature 20-30 minutes before serving it
  • Using the Laguiole Evolution foie gras cutter, preferably dipped in very hot water, cut 1 cm (approx. half an inch) thick slices
  • Carefully move the slices onto cold plates with the serving knife that comes in the box set
  • Try not to spread the foie gras but place each slice on the bread of your choice. Now it is time to savor your appetizer. Bon appétit!
Your holiday celebrations, or at least your holiday meals, are sure to be a real success with the help of our Laguiole Evolution storage box, the lyre for cutting foie gras and its accessories! You will be able to find them soon on our online shop. Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with our new TB arrivals. Enjoy your French prepared foie gras!