Nuance - TB Groupe’s new colorful stainless steel silverware set

If you’re looking to spruce up your table setting - for a family or work dinner - with a classic yet causal look, then TB Groupe has exactly what you are looking for. TB Groupe has created Nuance, a brand-new colorful stainless steel silverware set. This silverware set is now available for sale in 4 different colors. Here are the details about our exciting new product, Nuance.

Nuance - TB Groupe's new colorful stainless steel silverware set

TB Groupe presents you with, Nuance, its colorful stainless steel silverware set

TB’s 16-piece stainless steel silverware set available in 4 colors

Spring has sprung! TB Groupe has decided to celebrate the arrival of spring with its new colorful stainless steel silverware set!

This forged, high-end silverware set is called Nuance. It is available in the following 4 enamel-effect pastel colors:

The Nuance 16-piece stainless steel silverware set will lend a cheerful look to your table, bringing joy to you and your guests. This set is composed of the following articles:

  • 4 knives
  • 4 forks
  • 4 soupspoons
  • 4 teaspoons

Their rounded handles give them a unique look, blending elements of both the classic and contemporary styles.

High-end stainless steel

The stainless steel used to manufacture the colorful Nuance silverware set was carefully selected for its complete corrosion resistance.

This stainless steel is very rich in chromium, giving it its pronounced anti-corrosion qualities. This stainless steel was also selected for its high iron and carbon content.

TB Groupe’s colorful silverware set is a perfect representation of the quality manufacturing system this cutler from Thiers, France strives to uphold.

For the past several years Tarrerias-Bonjean, France’s top knife seller, has invested in its research and development department, in order to bring its customers brand-new silverware designs of the utmost quality.

This dedication and investment is a major contributing factor to TB Groupe’s global success and has helped build its reputation as an innovator of quality cutlery.

TB Groupe is well known for its different collections, such as its Evercut®, Absolu or Maestro kitchen knives. These collections gained a lot of attention during the trade fairs TB Groupe attended in Chicago, Frankfurt and Paris.

The key features of the stainless steel used to create the colorful Nuance stainless steel silverware set

A high-quality stainless steel is synonymous with efficient silverware. The following lists the major strengths of the stainless steel used to manufacture Nuance:

  • Exceptional rust-resistance
  • Strength, bringing the kitchen knives in this silverware set an extraordinary cutting capacity
  • Will not damage your porcelain or earthenware plates
  • The alloy will not have negative effects on your health. The stainless steel used in the Nuance silverware set will not release particles of chromium when it comes in contact with acidic ingredients.

TB Groupe keeps its exacting clientele satisfied by offering them products of unparalleled quality!

Care tips

Even though the Nuance stainless steel silverware set is dishwasher safe; you will increase their longevity by hand washing them and drying them immediately after each use.

This care tip is applicable to all of TB Groupe’s high-end cutlery products. This cleaning method reduces the risk of scratches and nicks due to impacts. By leaving cutlery articles in the dishwasher once the wash cycle is over, you are exposing them to a hot and humid environment, which may degrade their quality.

Be careful when selecting your dish soap as some low-quality detergents may be too corrosive and can have a negative impact on stainless steel. Stainless steel can be cleaned very easily. We recommend using dish soap that is derived from natural ingredients or washing with just water and a cloth.

How to choose the perfect knives, spoons and forks?

Respecting table etiquette

Why should you purchase TB Groupe’s Nuance stainless steel silverware set? They incorporate all of the essential characteristics that quality forks, knives and spoons should have!

In France, table etiquette is a respected discipline that dates back centuries. Presenting your guests with a well-dressed table setting is a key element, whether you are throwing a formal dinner party or having an intimate meal.

On a score card for a well-dressed table setting, TB’s Nuance stainless steel silverware set would have a perfect score.

Multipurpose silverware

The delicate choice of colors featured in the Nuance stainless steel silverware set allows you to select a color that matches your personal style. This silverware set will bring a quality finishing touch to your meal, whether it is to be enjoyed with friends, family or colleagues.

The colorful Nuance stainless steel silverware set comes in several colors. Each of which brings a different ambiance to your table. There is an option for every personal taste.

Addictive colors

The colorful stainless steel silverware in the Nuance set brings a unique, subtle decorative touch to your table that your guests are sure to love.

Their playful, colorful handles are pleasant to hold and ergonomic. This high-end silverware set will bring a joyful spirit that reflects the essence of spring to each and every one of your meals!

Their timeless design will attract individuals of all ages!

The colorful Nuance stainless steel silverware set is available for sale in several stores and on TB Groupe’s e-shop. Feel free to share a review of our products or a comment about this article on our Facebook page. Thanks and see you soon!