One of the best kitchen knives re-issued for a limited time only: Multipurpose 20cm EVERCUT Origine collector’s edition

The company TB Groupe is proud to announce that they have re-issued their famous 20cm EVERCUT® Origine knife due to popular demand. We have manufactured a limited edition of this high-end multipurpose utensil, considered to be one of the best kitchen knives on the market due to popular demand. Don’t wait until it is too late- there are a limited number of these kitchen knives in this re-issue!

One of the best kitchen knives re-issued for a limited time only: Multipurpose 20cm EVERCUT Origine collector's edition

EVERCUT® knives ongoing success

The qualities of an EVERCUT® knife

The multipurpose EVERCUT® kitchen knife is modelled after the design of a chef’s knife. The main difference between a traditional chef’s knife and the “king” of kitchen knives is that the latter has a slightly thinner and longer blade.

This innovatively designed blade never stops to delight both professional and amateur chefs alike and offers many advantages:

  • It is ideal for cutting very fine slices- for example Carpaccio. Suitable for working with fruits, vegetables and meats
  • It cuts precisely, allowing you to make beautiful cuts of meat and other dishes
  • The multipurpose EVERCUT® knife’s blade is easy to handle despite the fact that it is slightly larger than that of a typical knife

A cutting-edge technology

The TB Groupe exclusive EVERCUT® technology consists of fusing titanium carbide onto the cutting-edge of a stainless steel blade. This technology is used during the manufacturing process to create high-end knives with extremely strong, ultra-sharp blades whose resilient qualities have yet to be surpassed.

This state-of-the-art technique is unlike any other. It creates blades with significantly improved cutting edges. The EVERCUT® multipurpose kitchen knife manufactured by the TB cutlery industry in Thiers is often considered to be the best kitchen knife “Made in France.” The development of this technology took five years of dedicated research, development and innovation.

Scientific studies confirm the EVERCUT® knife blade’s strength, establishing that their cutting capacity is 300 times better than other knives on the market, such as ceramic knives.

The best kitchen knife available in limited edition

TB Groupe is attentive to its customers

TB Groupe decided to re-issue their 20cm multipurpose EVERCUT® Origine knife due to its great success. This collector’s edition knife equipped with a white Polyoxymethylene (POM) handle first appeared on the market in limited edition in 2012 to celebrate TB Groupe’s 50th anniversary.

Consumer enthusiasm for the EVERCUT® Origine knife has not wavered since this product last appeared on the market. Due to popular demand a limited edition of 50 knives has been manufactured.

This knife will be sent to you in a sublime case specifically designed for the occasion.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best kitchen knives

The re-issue of this incredible kitchen knife is a great opportunity for TB Groupe to showcase its EVERCUT® technology. This patented manufacturing process has received several international prizes.

The multipurpose EVERCUT® Origine knife is one of the best kitchen knives available - if not the best! The cutting edge of its blade is renowned for its durability and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Due to the extremely strong nature of this blade’s cutting edge several precautions should be kept in mind while handling these knives:

• Be sure not to work on a surface that is too hard
• Do not use EVERCUT® knives to cut frozen foods or cuts of meat containing bones
• These knives are not dishwasher safe, the blades must be hand washed
• If resharpening is needed do not try to attempt this procedure yourself. Simply send your knife back to TB Groupe and they will resharpen it free of charge.

The 20cm multipurpose EVERCUT® Origine collector’s item knife is limited to an edition of only 50 knives. First come, first served!