Personalize your TB Groupe knives with a laser engraving

Since all of TB Groupe’s products bear the TB Groupe logo we wanted to offer you a chance to personalize your knives as well. Laser engraving is a very advantageous and efficient method of personalizing your knife blades.

Personalize your TB Groupe knives with a laser engraving

Laser engraving is the perfect way to embellish your TB Groupe knives

Why choose laser marking?

Laser marking is an umbrella term which encompasses the following methods: engraving, ablation, annealing, color change due to chemical/molecular alteration and foaming.

The method used to personalize the knives depends on the material and the quality requirements of each client. For example chemical alteration, foaming and ablation are methods which are mostly used on plastic and certain metals whereas annealing is used to mark ferrous metals and titanium.

Precise computer controlled laser beams offer a myriad of benefits when laser engraving knife blades. This process creates personalized knives which are engraved in high-resolution and with great precision.

Laser engraving processes do not use solvents or chemical products which pollute. Laser engraving is an efficient way of marking personal messages on all different types of materials without having a negative impact on the environment. TB Groupe has always tried to use manufacturing processes which decrease the company’s ecological footprint. This laser engraving method can be added to TB Groupe’s list of eco-friendly processes.

Laser marking process explained

Laser marking is a method which consists of oxidizing a material’s surface. This method uses a laser beam to inscribe text or numbers onto different materials.

Laser marking is one of the most versatile methods of engraving. This very precise method is used to mark extremely well defined text on a wide variety of materials. It is a perfect way to personalize knives. Laser marking can be used to engrave messages which last longer than those engraved using classical mechanical methods.

Engraving knives to personalize them? It is possible!

This method’s advantages

Laser marking offers many other advantages which are as follows:

  • To engrave personalized messages permanently onto knives
  • The engravings do not fade with use or when they come into contact with heat or acidic foods
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • The inscriptions are incredibly well defined
  • It does not oxidize the knives
  • The engraving is easy to clean
  • It uses cutting-edge technologies
  • It is very time efficient
  • It is possible to use annealing processes to engrave

This last point is probably one of laser marking’s greatest advantages. This is because annealing processes allow you to engrave without removing any of the object’s surface material. Therefore the knife blade is not altered by this method. During the marking process the laser beam heats the material close to its melting temperature, causing an oxidation process just underneath the material’s surface, changing its color. The blade’s surface remains totally smooth.

Depending on what settings the laser is programmed at certain materials can be engraved without bringing the beam into direct contact with the surface that is being engraved. Therefore during the engraving process the material being marked does not need to be clamped down. The laser engraving machine is enclosed in a protective housing designed to keep the person operating the machine safe.

Knives with TB Groupe’s logo and personalized messages

The wide variety of knives and other products created by TB Groupe are marked with the company’s logo. The leader of knife manufacturing in France has marked all of its knives with the company’s acronym. This logo can be found on both sides of the blade in the top corner. This laser marking process permanently inscribes information that will not fade when washed and will remain intact over time.

We would like to note that the font used to mark personalized messages on your knives is TB Groupe’s font. Due to the range of different blade sizes, your personalized messages can have a maximum of 30 letters.

Do not hesitate to ask that your knives be personalized with a laser engraving when you are checking out. Laser marking offers a wide variety of decoration possibilities which allow you to create totally unique utensils that are just for you!