TB and its “Made in France” cutlery: Spearhead of Auvergne’s luxury brands

The Auvergne region in France is the home of several luxury brands of international stature. A perfect example of these renowned companies is TB Groupe, a high-end kitchen knife manufacturer. The region is also proud of its top-tier network of artisanal and industrial sectors, which specialize in a wide variety of industries, including leather, lumber and organic foods.

TB and its “Made in France” cutlery: Spearhead of Auvergne's luxury brands

TB Groupe: French-made cutlery at its finest

A dynamic and alluring region

The economic data concerning the Auvergne region confirms that it is an area conducive to manufacturing very high-end products thanks to the brilliant array of luxury brands located within its boarders.

Countless internationally famous French brands visit Auvergne for inspiration in order to perfect and polish their own sophisticated products.

Auvergne’s luxury brands

Tarrerias-Bonjean, a cutlery company located in Thiers, is the epitome of excellence for a very productive and highly competitive enterprise. TB Groupe is France’s number one kitchen knife seller and is considered to be one of the Auvergne region’s top luxury brands.

TB Groupe’s company directors are proud of heading a company that produces very high-end French-made cutlery. They stand by their belief that quality products make a difference, setting the company apart from competitors in the market.

TB Groupe is the perfect example of a company that is competent and which is a proponent of the adage a job well done. TB produces a rich and varied collection of cutlery products that can be found in the kitchens of the world’s most famous chefs as well as amateur food-lover’s tables around the world.

TB reinvents French-made cutlery: Blending modernity and classicism

TB Groupe incorporates its deeply-rooted history and traditional skills into its modern cutlery manufacturing techniques. TB Groupe, bastion of French-made cutlery, has been based in Thiers for several centuries. This innovative cutlery company has accrued a fan base, which reaches well beyond the French boarders.

This Thiers-based cutlery company offers a full range of kitchen knives. Each step of the manufacturing process is overseen with care, from the design of its cutlery products right down to the packaging and shipment of the finished product. The following TB Groupe cutlery collections are prefect examples of this company’s attention to detail and dedication to producing quality products: Auguste, Maestro and their collection of ceramic knives with a high percentage of zirconium oxide, Le Couteau du Chef.

Evercut®: A symbol of world-renowned French-made cutlery

You have most likely seen TB Groupe knives on display at retail stores and have probably heard about the best steel kitchen knives from the “Made in France” collection, which are created using the Evercut® technology!

The “Made in France” Evercut® kitchen knives were well received by both professional and amateur chefs during the 2017 trade fair season, which just came to an end.

The Evercut® knife’s blade is known for being the most efficient blade in the world. This is due to the fact that they are created using the latest-generation technology which consist of fusing titanium carbide along the blade’s stainless steel cutting edge. This endows the blade with a phenomenal cutting edge and allows it to perform without dulling for impressively long periods of time. An Evercut blade® dulls 300 times slower than a classic, average quality kitchen knife and does not need to be continuously sharpened.

Auvergne’s countless luxury brands

Auvergne is a French region whose luxury brands are sought after. The cutlery industry is not the only well-known sector in the region. Other industrial and artisanal sectors attract the finest hospitality and restaurant industry groups. Auvergne is also known for enterprises working in sectors other than those related to the food service industry such as leather goods, fabrics, cosmetics and even packaging.

Leather goods

Auvergne is very well known for its sophisticated luxury brands in the leather goods industry. This sphere consist of eleven industrial branches that were strategically planned out by the Industrial States-General of France.

The leather goods industry in Auvergne is fruitful and has attracted big names in the leather industry. For the past several years, the houses of Hermès and Louis Vuitton have been regular clients at the Tanneries du Puy leather tannery. This tannery produces very high-quality French-made calfskin leather for creating leather goods.

A factory in the Haute-Loire was recently taken over by Vincent Rabérin, a leather tanner who creates leather goods for Chanel.

Furniture, smoked salmon and organic food!

Several other industries are well known in Auvergne. A company called Combelle located in Marmanhac creates unique children’s furniture made of wood. This luxury company in Auvergne is growing rapidly and exports its products around the world!

Yet another example of Auvergne’s quality companies is Sichon based in Brugheas. This artisanal salmon smoking company has been providing France’s greatest restaurants with fabulous smoked salmon for the past 20 years.

The city of Thiers is not famous solely for its cutlery industry! It is also well known for manufacturing automatic multiport valves. The company Cappers is one of these valve manufacturers who specialize in filtering hard water. Over the span of a few short years it gained a top-tier position in the competitive global market for water valves.

We end our tour of the Auvergne region’s luxury brands with a company called Alpha-Nutrition, in La Séauve-sur-Semène. This company is a key player in the snack industry, manufacturing organic and gluten-free crackers and cookies. This company has created a niche for itself in a booming market.

Economically speaking, the luxury industry in Auvergne is very promising. Today, approximately 4,000 individuals work in this sector, half of which work in the leather goods industry. Eight hundred and fifty individuals are employed by Thiers’ cutlery industry.