TB and the knives from Thiers at the Coutellia Trade Fair featured on M6

A news segment filmed by the television channel M6 at this year’s Coutellia Trade Fair aired last week. Carole Tarrerias primarily highlighted the knives made in the region of Thiers and TB Groupe.

TB and the knives from Thiers at the Coutellia Trade Fair featured on M6

TB Groupe on channel M6 news

Focus on the knives from Thiers

TB Groupe has already been featured in news broadcasts at the "Maison & Objet" Trade Fair which was held last February in Paris. At this year’s Coutellia Trade Fair in Thiers the TV channel M6 filmed a segment about cutlery “Made in France” which aired Friday, May 15 at 12:45PM on M6.

Coutellia: celebrating artistic cutlery and much more…

This year the Coutellia Trade Fair, specializing in artistic and collectable cutlery, was highly covered by the media and chosen as the honorable representative of the knife manufacturing industry. All of the knife manufacturing companies and workshops in Thiers enjoyed media coverage thanks to this segment created by M6.

This informative segment revealed how the knives are assembled, forged, polished and sharpened, and showed that numerous companies contribute to the Thiers region’s rich economy. The cutlery industry is a global market - 95% of the sixty companies in this region export a portion of their goods abroad. 70% of the knives sold in France are manufactured in the city of Thiers.

The knives from Thiers hold a place of honor at the Coutellia Trade Fair

Carole Tarrerias, TB Groupe’s ED, interviewed by M6

Coutellia, a key artistic cutlery event, was a perfect setting for channel M6 to interview TB Groupe’s Executive Director Carole Tarrerias. The goal of this segment was to present the main features of the cutlery industry in Thiers as well as the role TB Groupe plays as the number one knife manufacturer in France.

Carole Tarrerias expressed her vision of modern cutlery while highlighting TB Groupe’s distinguishing innovative processes. A good example of TB Groupe’s push for innovation are the investments they make in order to robotize and automate their manufacturing processes. TB Groupe looks towards the future, providing the means and the research funding needed to produce innovative products like the EVERCUT ® knife.

This company from Thiers works daily to create the cutlery of tomorrow by mastering new cutting-edge technologies while respecting the tradition that forged these knives’ reputation.

Modern and artisanal cutlery accompany each other well

The numerous artisanal cutlers in Thiers master every step of this unique and original knife manufacturing process as well as the centuries-old knowledge of this artisanal tradition.

It seems important to highlight the fact that today’s cutlery integrates perfectly into the artisanal sector and the manufacturing industry of contemporary artistic cutlery.

TB Groupe is proud of the fact that, with the help of its subcontractor the Générale de Découpage, it uses its manufacturing tools to create products for its clients in the artisanal and creative sectors. The Thiers cutlery industry creates over 250 subcontracting projects yearly. This industry’s overall production capacity is approximated at 100,000 parts per day.

The manufacturing processes used to create the diverse knives from Thiers do not oppose artisanal and artistic cutlery practices. On the contrary, the diverse branches of activities that make up this knife-manufacturing universe mutually enrich each other.

This passion and mutual exchange create a dynamic force within this industry, making Thiers and its environs’ economy thrive.

TB Groupe would like to thank M6’s staff for creating this superb news segment, putting Thiers, its cutlery and the key points of the knife manufacturing industry in the spotlight.