TB Cutlery’s sale is coming to an end: now is the time to buy our knives at an incredible price!

The sale at Terrerias-Bonjean is in full swing. This cutlery sale is quickly approaching its ending date - next Tuesday August 4th. That means that this is the perfect time for you to check out TB Groupe’s website and buy knives at an unbeatable price. Even though certain items are already out of stock, sumptuous collections and knife sets are still on sale and waiting for you!

 TB Cutlery's sale is coming to an end: now is the time to buy our knives at an incredible price!

The cutlery company Tarrerias-Bonjean’s sale is soon coming to an end

Less than one week to snap up golden bargains

The end of our seasonal knife sale is coming to an end next week. That means that you only have a few days left to check out our website and get a great deal on our products whose prices have been slashed.

Even though we are in the final stretch of this sale period many of TB Groupe’s cutlery articles are still available at a fraction of the price. Do not wait, the clock is ticking and our stocks are rapidly leaving our warehouse!

At the very beginning of this sale many of our cutlery products, like certain models of our Santoku knives and Furtif EVERCUT chef’s knives, were already out of stock. But not to worry! Latecomers are sure to find something that sparks their interest amongst the diverse knife collections on sale now.

TB Groupe sale: high-end cutlery

A wide variety of TB Groupe’s products were put on sale in the beginning of July and many of these sale items are still available. The cutlery items that have been the most popular with our customers since the beginning of this summer sale are as follows:

  • The EVERCUT Santoku knife with a 17cm (approx. 6.7in) blade on sale for 97.30€ instead of 139.00€. This is the first knife using EVERCUT technology to achieve iconic status. The Santoku knife from the Origine collection has a blade with a remarkably impressive cutting edge. This extraordinary knife has a shockingly sharp blade and is sure to be a solid investment for your kitchen. A TB Groupe cutlery article available at this price deserves your full attention! The Santoku makes preparing a wide variety of seasonal recipes easy. Why not make a delicious fish tartare this summer? This dish is sure to seduce everyone, especially lovers of fine food.
  • The Absolu slicing knife has a handle made of ABS and a 15cm (approx. 6in) blade is on sale for 27.93€ instead of 39.90€. The Absolu slicing knife is known for its versatility. This multi-functional capacity is due to its extremely high quality double bevelled steel blade. This very popular knife allows you to accomplish all of your kitchen tasks: cut, mince and slice all of your ingredients with ease and comfort! Don’t miss out on buying this irreplaceable knife which is still on sale, but not for long! A summer medley of grilled vegetable awaits you!

TB Groupe box and knife sets on sale!

Laguiole Evolution and Hector

The box sets and knife sets have been very popular since the beginning of this cutlery sale. Especially the following, still available at a fraction of the price:

  • The Laguiole Evolution box set of red chef’s knives is on sale for 20.93€ instead of 29.90€. This practical set is comprised of 4 chef’s knives which are very useful for cutting beef ribs and other meats. You will have the perfect utensil for making one of the most popular summer recipes: rib eye steak on the BBQ!
  • The Hector set of 6 stainless steel steak knives is on sale for 62.30€ instead of 89.00€. This elegant collection of 6 original, sophisticated and earth-toned steak knives is sure to please your friends and family. There is no doubt that your guests will enjoy eating meats, sausages and spicy merguez sausages with these exceptionally sharp knives! (They are still on sale - do we really need to remind you again?)

Knives on sale until August 4th

Before launching their new online shop (which will be live soon), TB Groupe decided to slash their prices and lower the price tags on certain cutlery items already on sale. We decided to leave many of our knives on sale for the next couple of days in order to reward our loyal customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about one or more items. We remain at your complete disposal. Thank you for your loyalty to TB Groupe. We hope that you have a great summer vacation.

TB cutlery’s summer sale will be ending August 4th. Until then you can find slashed prices on many of TB Groupe’s knives. Treat yourself to very high quality products marked with the leader of French cutlery’s insignia. Hurry up, time is running out! We lowered the price tags of our genuine knives from Thiers, France and it is an offer you simply cannot refuse!