TB Groupe and its cutlery, which is made in France, were present at Industry Week, which is celebrating its 6th year in existence

Once again, TB Groupe -the spearhead of French-made cutlery- participated in Industry Week that took place March 14-20, 2016. The goal of this national event is to present industrial manufacturing and its trades to a large audience.

TB Groupe and its cutlery, which is made in France, were present at Industry Week, which is celebrating its 6th year in existence

Industry Week’s sixth year

An ever-growing success

Industry Week celebrated its 6th year. TB Groupe -leader of Made in France cutlery- was present, as it is every year. This event, which is organized by the Direction Générales des Entreprises (DGE – Directorate General for Enterprises) and supported by more than 35 industrial partners and 5 government ministers, is enjoying an ever-growing success.

The goal of Industry Week is to present the diverse world of industrial manufacturing and the wide variety of trades it fuels to the public, particularly young people and prospective employees.

In 2015 Industry Week organized 2,800 events around France with over 250,000 participants; this year’s numbers are unavailable at this time.

A wide variety of events

No less than 200 events took place in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (a region of France). These events allowed the public to meet men and women that work in various industrial sectors. During this week-long event Tarrerias-Bonjean represented Made in France cutlery and participated in numerous free events that were organized throughout France and online: Open houses at different companies and training institutions, professional forums, educational workshops, competitions on the subject of industry, conferences, debates...

These events included several discussions on different professions and their respective skill sets as well as information about what each sector has to offer. The week was peppered with organized visits, allowing individuals to experience industrial sites and see plans for future ones. This year’s theme was “industry’s future,” paralleling a project launched by the French President in April 2015.

This project’s goal was to help companies understand and incorporate modern industrial tools in their manufacturing processes, increase innovative techniques and incorporate digital technologies.

Industry Week and the UIMM’s ongoing commitment

The Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie -Union of Metallurgy Industries and Businesses (UIMM) plays an interesting role in this ongoing initiative. This union created two interactive tools that recognize the value of future local sectors. The main goal is to stimulate the public’s desire to work in specific fields.

For those of our dedicated readers that speak French, you can check out these two online tools at the following websites:

These two websites keep the public informed year round about topics such as technology-intensive industries, careers, trades and specialized training adapted to companies’ modern needs. This initiative has been a great success, attracting an average of 130,000 visits to the website every month!

TB Groupe: the Made in France Cutlery Company that has its eyes set on the future

Analyzing and preparing for the future

In terms of innovation, TB Groupe has not been left behind. Since the mid ’90s this company that produces French-made cutlery has established policies that favor research and development.

The Board of Directors invest between 10-15% of the annual income towards research and development. This production policy is focused on manufacturing modern knives. The directors of this cutlery company from Thiers, France have always held the following leitmotiv as a way of setting standards: Produce innovative and high-quality French-made cutlery.

Every year TB Cutlery Company invents new products that in turn create countless jobs throughout the manufacturing chain:

  • Design and R&D
  • Forging and machining (completed with TB’s industrial subcontractor GDD, Générale de découpage)
  • Engineering and production
  • Quality checks
  • Packaging
  • Order management and online orders
  • Customer services

Tarrerias-Bonjean is able to adapt itself to its client’s needs by having a symbiotic system of various jobs that share their sector’s knowledge while employing modern manufacturing technologies. This system allows TB Groupe to create a panoply of products on both artisinal and industrial levels (some of which are created for sectors outside of the cutlery field such as tools and automobile parts).

TB: innovation for the advancement of high-end French-made cutlery

TB Groupe creates the knives of tomorrow, as reflected by their collection, Evercut®. This collection is comprised of one of the strongest and most resilient knives available on the market.

These knives symbolize very high-quality modern French cutlery and have a phenomenal cutting edge that is guaranteed to last. This cutting edge was created with a patented technique that was invented by the company’s engineers and specialized researchers. This technology consists of fusing metal and titanium carbide along the blade’s cutting edge. The resulting product is an ultra-resilient tool with an exceptional cutting capacity.

Evercut® corresponds perfectly with the theme of industry’s future that was highlighted in recent events at this year’s Industry Week.

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