TB Groupe and the knives from Thiers were honored at the 2014 Women Equity palmarès

Women Equity for Growth is the first program dedicated to growing women-run SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). Their objective is to give financial and operative support to select enterprises. They also ensure entrepreneurial success and aide with the promotion of model products. TB Groupe took 21st place at the 2014 palmarès and received many congratulations from the program’s directors. The TB Groupe team, the enterprise’s General Manager Carole Tarrerias and President Eric Tarrerias find this recognition to be a very wonderful reward.

TB Groupe and the knives from Thiers were honored at the 2014 Women Equity palmarès

TB Groupe rewarded for Woman Equity

The leader in French knife manufacturing has recently been honoured by the Women Equity for Growth committee in the 2014 palmarès. This recognition process takes place yearly and honours fifty women-run enterprises chosen from France’s highest performing companies.

At the fifth Women Equity for Growth meeting the historical knife manufacturers from Thiers where in the limelight. This distinction recognizes the fabulous work accomplished by General Manager Carole Tarrerias and President Eric Tarrerias and of their entire enterprise, as well as TB Groupe’s collaborator’s work.

Women Equity for Growth: What is it exactly?

Women Equity for Growth is the first program dedicated to economic growth and SME financing. The program pays particular attention to equality, notably professional gender diversity and gender equality in the workplace. These values are taken into account and rewarded by this group.

Women Equity for Growth furnishes survey questions and criteria for economic equality in Europe based upon different themes structured into three categories:

  • "Gender issues": Make an inventory of the company’s past practices
  • "Institute the change": Assessment of the company’s practices
  • "What we offer": A set of possible practices proposed by Women Equity for Growth and its partners

Women Equity for Growth believes that diversity in the economic sphere is a catalyst for more stable economic equilibrium, in turn promoting sustainable long-term growth in Europe.

Institutional recognition

This past year, the Women Equity for Growth’s palmarès took a census of fifty growing enterprises that cumulatively earned 1.3 billion euros in revenue. The average revenue was greater than 25 million euros. The overall increase in revenue this year was 25%.

This program benefits from strong international recognition among other things. It is notably supported by the European Council’s Parliamentary Assembly (in resolution 55 established in March 2011). This resolution encourages supporting the initiative led by Women Equity for Growth to improve financing for growing women-run enterprises.

The knives from Thiers have an excellent ranking

TB Group is almost in the top 20!

For the fifth edition of Women Equity for Growth’s palmarès, fifty women-run enterprises were awarded this great honor. TB Groupe had an excellent ranking, coming in at number 21.

This acknowledgement recognizes the knife manufacturer from Thiers’ quality, efficient and organized production process. The company’s thirst for innovation and their respect for historic knowledge were undoubtedly taken into account during the assessment process.

This year the two highest ranked enterprises were Point Service Mobiles and City One. The President of Women Equity for Growth, Dunya Bouhacene, stated “there are more enterprises in their growth stage which are run by women than men.”

The knives from Thiers are prominently featured

The set of standards for ranking enterprises at for the Women Equity for Growth palmarès was created in 2009. Its aim is to promote a better understanding of the relative performance of French women-run SMEs.

Every year almost 40,000 SMEs run by men and women are compared and analysed according to their performance. These companies’ turnovers vary between 4 and 100 million euros.

The set of standards used was created by Women Equity for Growth’s scientific council composed of internationally recognized researchers and experts working in the entrepreneurial growth field.
Each enterprise is ranked using a classification system to obtain an average of the five following criteria:

  • Three criteria based on turnover growth (during one year, three years and especially the most recent year)
  • Two based on profitability (the last year’s gross profitability and the difference between the last three years).
TB Groupe secured a choice position at this year’s palmarès, ranking 21 out of fifty enterprises. The enterprise based in Thiers rightly merited this distinction. The leader in the French knife manufacturing industry deserved this international recognition, increasing its reputation as a dynamic, forward thinking and fast-growing enterprise.