TB Groupe cutlery will soon be opening a new factory near Thiers, France

TB Groupe, the cutlery company from Thiers, is presently building a new factory. This factory is mainly going to be used as a storage facility.

TB Groupe cutlery will soon be opening a new factory near Thiers, France

The cutlery company TB Groupe is growing!

A knife-manufacturing factory located near Thiers

TB Groupe, the French leader of knife manufacturing, has developed considerably as of late. Due to the company’s growth a new factory which will be dedicated to knife manufacturing and storage needs to be built.

The cutlery company TB Groupe’s plan to expand has been put into action. The construction started at the beginning of the summer, not far from Thiers, the historical cradle of knife manufacturing in France.

TB Groupe decided to create a new cutlery factory in order to increase in size; this project will enlarge the company’s storage facilities and create larger office spaces.

The new facilities, which are under construction, were designed to play an important role in TB Groupe’s overall performance. TB Groupe’s company philosophy puts much importance on the innovation of its products and the use of sophisticated technologies to manufacture its knives. The company has recently found the need to expand due to the fact that it has increased the number of modern tools used during its knife manufacturing processes.

Improving all levels of the company’s performance

By creating this new factory, TB Groupe will strengthen each level of the company’s organizational structure. Including the following departments:

  • Research and development
  • Design
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control and environmental protection
  • Logistics

One of the cornerstones of TB Groupe’s company philosophy aims to optimize their system of quality control checks which has an effect on each of the company’s departments. In the near future, this new storage facility will contribute to improving this quality control system and the company’s overall organization.

Naturally, the new knife-manufacturing factory will be located near Theirs!

Nouvelle usine de coutellerie TB Groupe

Cutlery Company TB Groupe is focused on protecting the environment and upholding its quality control system

At Tarrerias-Bonjean, manufacturing high-end cutlery is not our only concern. We are constantly focused on making sure that our manufacturing processes function in accordance with our innovative company policies which respect the environment.

This factory was designed to uphold this integral part of TB Groupe’s company policies.

The building’s initial blueprints were created bearing in mind current safety regulations and standards. Its design takes many factors into account including where the machines will be placed and the staff’s ability to move within the workspace.

This new factory follows ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards. That means that the factory’s location and its processes were designed to limit its impact on the region’s ecological framework.

Organization will be improved

One of the advantages of building this new factory is that it will improve the company’s logistics, making a more fluid exchange between TB Groupe and its collaborators possible.

TB Groupe’s new cutlery factory will provide the company with more space, improving the employee’s working conditions. These changes will have a particularly positive effect on the working conditions of those processing and preparing orders.

Another factor that will have a positive effect on TB Groupe and its collaborators is that this new storage facility will greatly enhance the company’s organizational structure by improving the flow of traffic around the factory. This will have a direct impact on the flow of supplies and greatly facilitate the delivery personnel’s jobs.

We will be sure to keep you updated about TB Groupe’s new cutlery storage factory. Ever since the company was formed, two of its director’s major concerns have been to provide the best possible customer service and quality products. This new factory symbolizes a major evolution for TB Groupe that will improve these two factors.