TB Groupe launches a bento box for storing knives

TB Groupe introduces an accessory which complements their different knives and cutlery. We wanted to offer our clients an environmentally friendly way to cleverly and playfully store their kitchenware. We achieved this by creating a new reusable “knife storage” unit that is modelled after the bento box.

TB Groupe launches a bento box for storing knives

TB Groupe displays innovation by creating a new knife storage unit

Knife manufacturing’s new packaging

TB Groupe is a company situated in Thiers and the spearhead of the French cutlery industry that imagines new packaging for their products.

TB Groupe redesigned their knife storage unit using a process that has a neutral impact on the environment while keeping in mind the knife storage unit’s functional and decorative aspects. Therefore TB Groupe opted for packaging its products in playfully designed, colorful and reusable bento style boxes.

The origins of the bento box

The origin of bento can be traced back to the 13th century. The word bento meant a small Japanese meal comprised of boiled and dried rice and seaweed. This culinary preparation was for the lowest echelon of the working class. Subsequently this meal was served in compartmentalized white wooden boxes.

Today in the Land of the Rising Sun, the bento box allows workers, travellers and even school children to enjoy their meal in a transportable lunch tray.

Today the bento’s design is that of a box or a compartmentalized case exclusively used for this meal.

The bento box: A clever storage unit

A knife storage unit that respects the environment

From this point forward the age of packaging and cardboard boxes that continually meet their end in the trash can is coming to an end. By creating reusable storage boxes for our TB Groupe knives we are making an environmentally conscious initiative. Partially due to this initiative, we decided to change our various packaging systems to promote their capacity to be reused.

These bento boxes are made of a bi-material called ABS. This neutral material is hygienic, washable, easy to maintain and above all reusable.
ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is comprised of a new generation of polymer which is slowly replacing an older material called melamine resin. ABS is known for its highly shock resistant qualities.

In comparison with older packaging systems these knife storage units have a relatively low impact on the environment. The use of cardboard by-products and plastic packaging are greatly reduced.

The TB Groupe touch at every step

TB Groupe’s new bento boxes, which have already been well received by the public, go beyond respecting the environment they also have the following qualities:

  • These clever and functional storage boxes were specially designed to make storing TB Groupe insignia stamped knives and cutlery articles easy.
  • These bento boxes are more than just practical they are simply ravishing due to their design and colors. These decorative and playful knife storage units will blend perfectly with your kitchen.
  • The TB Groupe bento boxes’ packaging can be easily maintained and is endlessly reusable.

These warm and brightly colored boxes go perfectly with and are designed for arranging the Laguiole Evolution kitchen utensil collection.

These bento boxes are an ideal packaging system for our cutlery products which are designed exclusively for organizing TB Groupe’s knives and other products. This original gift idea is also available in box sets.