TB Groupe modernizes its dispatch system so you can receive your Made in France kitchen knives in record time!

Things are moving at TB Groupe! Tarrerias-Bonjean, the leading seller of kitchen knives in France, has recently moved into its brand new warehouse located in La Monnerie-Le-Montel near Thiers, France. TB Groupe has modernized its infrastructure with a new system that quickly prepares and dispatches orders. This new system has been added into the manufacturing chain in order to fulfill its role as a high-end French cutlery company. The following article will delve into the details of this new system and much more.

TB Groupe modernizes its dispatch system so you can receive your Made in France kitchen knives in record time!

TB Groupe modernizes its cutlery manufacturing system

A brand new system for preparing orders

TB Groupe contracted Savoye Division, an expert at creating systems for preparing orders. Savoye Division analyses a company’s needs in order to design them the best possible computerized and mechanized system. Savoye Division has supplied TB Groupe with new equipment that uses advanced technologies. The main goal of this new infrastructure is to increase the company’s cost-effectiveness.

Savoye Division designs custom-made logistics management systems and is proud to collaborate with TB. Their innovative computerized system for preparing orders and stocking products was designed entirely around TB Groupe’s needs, creating an efficient organizational system and infrastructure. This system optimizes the manufacturing chain and increases the speed at which orders of kitchen knives can be sent to TB’s customers.

The following lists some of the elements introduced by Savoye Division:

  • A high-speed dynamic sorting system
  • A fully-automated system for collecting articles from a vast warehouse of goods
  • An infrastructure that stocks and handles palettes
  • A computer system that manages the flow of orders
  • A tracking system that continually follows products

This entire process is controlled and managed by a revolutionary electronic tool.

Mechanized packing system for orders

Via its brand Intelis, Savoye offers TB Groupe a complete range of machines, bringing TB a reliable mechanized system for preparing orders. The speed at which TB Groupe can process its orders has been greatly increased. The aim of this system is to more completely satisfy TB Groupe’s loyal customers who have always relied on them to create quality French-made cutlery.

TB Groupe would like to inform its clientele that, presently, the time it takes to process and fulfill orders has decreased.

By the end of 2016, we will be able to send you your favorite kitchen knives and table knives made of steel or ceramic in record time without putting our impeccable customer service system at stake.

A necessary evolution for manufacturing high-end “Made in France” kitchen knives

TB Groupe cutlery company: next-generation technology and innovation

As you can see, the cutlery company TB Groupe always strives to adapt itself to meet the modern standards for manufacturing high-end kitchen knives.

TB’s directors have always been true to their philosophy, which takes into account the fact that the cutlery industry is constantly evolving. This evolution takes place not only on a technological level to create exceptional knives, but also in terms of infrastructures needed to create quality products.

The time spent constructing new buildings and mechanizing the order preparation system strengthens TB Groupe’s image as an innovative cutlery company. A perfect example of TB Groupe’s excellence is the collection of Auguste table knives. This collection was previously available exclusively to professionals working in the hotel and restaurant industry and is now available to the public.

Dress your table with Auguste French kitchen knives for an unforgettable meal!

TB Groupe’s prestigious “Made in France” table knives

The Auguste table knives are the latest addition to TB Groupe’s “Made in France” collection. These tools are extremely attractive, blending a traditional cutlery design with a more avant-garde look that perfectly reflects the beginning of the 21st century.

The Auguste knives have an exceptionally sharp full-tang blade made of a blend of incredibly strong and rust-resistant Alenox and Mox steels. This stainless steel is created using the latest manufacturing techniques.

Their cutting edge stays sharp and cuts efficiently, even after prolonged use. Their finishing touches, the black non-stick coating and more conventional matte, satin or glossy handles, bring luxury to this collection of knives that were designed to please both chefs and cutlery connoisseurs alike!

What’s more, you can personalize their blades with laser engraved messages!

Colorful and ergonomic handles

In addition to their technical characteristics, Tarrerias-Bonjean’s Auguste knives have handles that were designed to be ergonomic for optimal comfort.

These table knives are available in various colors with handles made of horn, wood or POM. They have a timeless look and are ideal for bringing elegance, color, life and joy to your table setting, allowing you to create a successful meal!

Presently, new and never-before-seen models of the Auguste professional grade table knives are being created in TB Groupe’s workshops in Thiers, France. Feel free to browse our e-shop to stay up to date with our newest arrivals – some of which are created in limited series!