TB Groupe presents its brand new knife attaché case for the back-to-school season

It is almost time for students in France and the countless individuals from our beautiful country that are passionate about cooking to head back to school! For the back-to-school season, TB Groupe presents their complete and unparalleled kitchen knife attaché case which will have you efficiently stocked and ready for the coming year. The best students are often those that put an emphasis on having quality materials and believe that it makes a difference to work under the best conditions…

TB Groupe presents its brand new knife attaché case for the back-to-school season

Back to school, back to the kitchen!

The importance of having quality tools at your disposal

Are you one of those amateur chefs that has the tendency to somewhat neglect their kitchen knives and utensils after a while? Are your knives and kitchen utensils stored and mixed up in a drawer? There are many individuals out there that, either by laziness or habit, finish by telling themselves that “a knife is just a knife” no matter its quality and that the important factor is how it is used…. These individuals are wrong!

Kitchen materials are extremely important, just like the quality of the ingredients you choose to create your favorite dishes. They allow you to make the perfect dish that is sure to meet everyone’s expectations.

If you use knives and kitchen utensils that are not adapted to your way of cooking, you have a stronger chance of creating a dish that does not meet your expectations, with no indication of where you went wrong...

Back to school special!

If you are thinking to yourself that a carefully and well-stocked knife attaché case will come in handy time and time again then you are in luck – TB Groupe has just made improvements on the latest generation of one of its key products which has been incredibly successful since its original release!

Why not celebrate the back to school season with the purchase of a kitchen knife attaché case? What a great gift idea to add to your list of things to get! If parents think that August is synonymous with back to school shopping then why shouldn’t they treat themselves to a little something as well by equipping themselves with the prefect kitchen supplies? Still need convincing?

The advantages of TB Groupe’s kitchen knife attaché case

TB Groupe’s kitchen knife attaché case will, first and foremost, equip you to cook a wide variety of delicious dishes for family or friends. Thanks to this knife attaché case your lunch or dinner will be bubbling with perfection!

This knife attaché case is not only indispensible when it comes to preparing dishes that are worthy of being on the menu of highly-ranked restaurants, it is also ideal for easily and safely carrying all of your favorite knives and kitchen utensils. Now you can bring your most beautiful kitchen knives, as well as your cooking talents, with you everywhere! You will have everything you need at your fingertips and you will always be equipped and prepared! Isn’t life beautiful?

TB Groupe’s kitchen knife attaché case is very practical and has special straps that allow you to keep all of your utensils in place. You can also choose to strap them down around the handle or the knife blade.

What comes in the TB Groupe kitchen knife attaché case?

TB Groupe’s kitchen knife attaché case comes with commonly used kitchen knives and utensils as well as other handy tools that are key elements on every self-respecting and passionate chef’s must-have list.

Common knives

1 chef’s knife - lord of TB Groupe’s kitchen knife attaché case

The chef’s knife is the king of all kitchen knives. This multi-purpose knife has a thick blade that is 20 – 30 cm (approx. 7.8 – 11.8 in) long and is mainly used for dicing and finely chopping or slicing. It is perfectly balanced, making it efficient for cutting meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.

1 paring knife

This small, multi-purpose knife has a thin, pointed and smooth blade that is used for delicately cutting onions and fresh herbs. It is also a key item when it comes to preparing vegetables.

1 fillet knife

This distinct knife is excellent for slicing. Your roasted meats and dried or cooked ham, will always be carved to perfection depending on the desired thickness.

1 carving or deboning knife

This knife is used for deboning or preparing meats and poultry. Deboning knives make it easy to remove tendons and fat.

1 peeler

The main function of this kitchen knife is to comfortably and efficiently peel your fruits and vegetables (even the most delicate) with finesse. Its sharp blade and ergonomic handle make it an indispensible tool for your kitchen.

1 stainless steel filet knife

This filet knife has a thin, long and flexible stainless steel blade that is perfect for cutting and boning all types of fish. It enables you to make precise and delicate cuts of meat while keeping them intact in order to make beautiful, appetising fish filets. Its anti-rust qualities should be underlined. This knife may also be used as a ham knife.

Indispensible kitchen utensils

1 spatula

This spatula has a long, thin and flexible head that is perfect for smoothing creams, dough and icings. Thanks to its efficiency, not one drop of your recipe will be left your mixing bowl! It can also be used for flipping pancakes and crêpes.

1 trussing needle

Trussing needles are indispensible kitchen utensils when it comes to easily tying down poultry wings and thighs while your dish is cooking. Using a trussing needle to tie up your poultry also helps keep your stuffing in the bird, allowing it to soak up all the different flavors. They are also able to pierce the skin of all different types of meats and fish.

2-pronged fork

The 2-pronged fork is also included in TB Groupe’s kitchen knife attaché case. It is used for easily and quickly turning foods that are cooking: meats, vegetables (endives) and much more. It can also be used to see if your dish is done cooking.

1 zester

The zester finely grates all citrus fruits thanks to its specially designed and ultra-sharp blade. This kitchen gadget will easily have you hooked. It is also efficient at grating certain cheeses like Parmesan.

1 heat resistant basting/pastry brush

This kitchen utensil allows you to coat your preparations (for example - brushing puff pastry with egg yolks) even when you are in a hurry. Making beautiful and evenly coated culinary creations are no longer a secret!

1 channel knife

This kitchen utensil allows you to remove thin v-shaped slices from vegetable or fruits in order to make delicate and attractive garnishes. It is easy to handle and even more efficient than a paring knife or peeler.

Feel free to visit our online shop and order your TB Groupe kitchen knife attaché case. Share your comments on our Facebook page. May those of you out there that are heading off on vacation before the 2016 school bell rings enjoy their last few days of relaxation. See you soon!