TB Groupe represented quality “Made in France” cutlery in Paris and Frankfurt

TB Groupe, the number one French cutlery manufacturer, was present at the international trade fairs Maison & Objet in Paris and Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany. The following article summarizes these two trade fairs that have benefited from an increase in recognition from both the public and professional sectors.

TB Groupe represented quality “Made in France” cutlery in Paris and Frankfurt

“Made in France” cutlery was honored in Paris

Maison & Objet: January 2016

An all-around success

The new edition of the Maison & Objet trade fair took place January 22-26, 2016 and was a great success.

This event took place in Paris and went smoothly despite the increased security measures being enforced after the Paris attacks in November and the current challenging economic conditions.

The international design and interior decorating communities were present at this event, including TB Groupe, a seasoned participant and proud representative of “Made in France” cutlery.

Approximately 3,000 exhibitors from 59 countries showcased their collections and the event’s organizers counted 700 new brands. Maison & Object gathered together those working in the design and interior decorating sectors and provided inspiration to the participants.

Spanning a 4-day period in Villepinte, Paris professionals working in retail, architectural interior design and those representing various hotels and real estate actively contributed to this event that was intended to spur business.

All of the event’s exhibitors contributed to a palpably enthusiastic atmosphere and countless new items were promoted through social networking. All of these factors coalesced, forming an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Positive figures

This atmosphere translated into rather impressive figures. If we thought that the September 2015 edition was a success then this year’s figures were even more significant. The January 2016 edition of Maison & Objet in Paris saw an increase in French buyers and a 4% increase in visitors!

TB Groupe was present and showcased its entire collection of “Made in France” cutlery articles. The number of international visitors and professionals was predicted to decrease this year (26% of Japanese brands were not present). However TB Groupe was one of the French exhibitors that helped counterbalance this slight decrease in visitors. Certain countries showed an increase in interest in the event: Belgium (+14%), the Netherlands (+4%) and Spain (+1%).

Another positive point: Maison & Objet is no longer restricted to biannual 4-day events, as it has established an online interface, allowing for a continual presence.

This online solution allows exhibitors to showcase their collections for retailers even when the event is not taking place. 10,000 products are already available online and the catalogue is continuing to grow. Maison & Objet now takes place all year round!

TB Groupe and its “Made in France” cutlery are honored to be featured on Maison & Objet’s website

Thanks to this new technology the trade fair’s directors have a very interesting tool that efficiently completes their presence in the market. Maison & Objet’s brand new online platform is already full of incredibly useful information.

The page dedicated to TB Groupe and its “Made in France” cutlery is very comprehensive. The following quote can be found on the site: “Tarrerias-Bonjean is the fruit of the traditions and know-how of 5 generations of cutlers. An extremely competitive company producing more than 150,000 units per day. TB is now establishing itself as the French leader in the cutlery market.”

On TB Groupe’s dedicated page, the Evercut ® Maestro kitchen knife is in the spotlight. Its performance has been proven to cut 300 times better than the best modern stainless steel knives and their cutting edge has a lifetime guarantee.

TB Groupe’s knives were placed in an international display in Germany

TB Groupe and its “Made in France” cutlery was present at Ambiente February 12-16, 2016

Ambiente is considered to be the number one trade fair in the world that showcases items from the consumer goods industry. It is held annually in Frankfurt, Germany.

The latest edition that was held in mid-February reflected the highest number of international exhibitors and visitors ever recorded. In total, 137,000 buyers from 143 countries (134,600 in 2015) were counted during the 4-day long event in Frankfurt.

The 4,387 exhibitors from 96 countries that were spread out over a venue spanning 308,000 m2 were thrilled with the number of visitors.

During this major annual event TB Groupe, the leader of “Made in France” cutlery, was able to enjoy the quality services provided by the event’s organizers.

Ambiente plays a crucial role in spreading information about new trends from the following sectors: artful tableware, interior design and consumer goods.

M. Braun, a member of the Messe Frankfurt GmbH Board of Directors did not hide his joy about the amplitude of this year’s event: “The number of foreign visitors increased again. We hosted delegations from numerous countries, especially from the USA.”

An event focused on international prospects

For the very first time since Ambiente ’s foundation the percentage of visitors that came from outside of Germany represented 55% of the recorded visitors.

The top ten countries present in terms of visitors were as follows:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • England
  • China
  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • South Korea

It should be noted that immigrants from Japan and South America are coming to Europe in greater and greater numbers.

TB Groupe’s participation in different international trade fairs is very important for its public relations both in terms of the professional and non-professional sectors. The company’s directors hope to share their drive to find innovative technologies This drive is fuelled and made possible by their teams of workers in Thiers, France. The company philosophy blends their accumulated intergenerational knowledge while focusing on the future. This philosophy is at the heart of TB Groupe’s manufacturing process that which uses cutting-edge technologies to create extremely high quality French-made cutlery articles.
Maison & Objet and Ambiente are two of our biggest events of the year. We would like to thank those responsible for organizing these events and for inviting TB Groupe to participate every year, for their exceptional qualities as hosts and for the professional way in which the events are organized.