TB Groupe’s 2017 sale: a wide variety of high-end French cutlery items at amazing prices!

You might not be aware of the fact that the summer sales have begun in France. This means that, for a limited time only, you can purchase several of TB Groupe’s top-quality cutlery items at unbeatable prices. The following article provides a brief overview of some of the incredible items and deals waiting for you on our e-shop!

TB Groupe's 2017 sale: a wide variety of high-end French cutlery items at amazing prices!

TB Groupe’s 2017 sales: High-End French Cutlery

TB Groupe, France’s leading cutlery manufacturer and creator of the “Made in France” line, is having its annual sale. This historic cutler is based in Thiers, France and this sale offers you a chance to purchase some of its most superb knives at irresistible prices. We’re sure that even our most exacting clients will find something that interests them!

Furtif Knives

TB Groupe’s Furtif knife line, which are 100% Made in France, will satisfy knife-lovers with their beautiful blades and modern design. This line boasts some of TB Groupe’s most stunning knives with their avant-garde design and impressively sharp full tang blade whose cutting-edge allows you to make extremely accurate yet delicate cuts. The Furtif knives have ergonomic handles made of ABS - a very lightweight and resistant polymer. Hurry, these high-end knives are on sale at TB Groupe for a limited time only while supplies last!

The Séduction Line: TB Groupe’s high-end French cutlery at incredible prices!

The very elegant and eye-catching Séduction line has countless positive features! The knives in this line have incredibly powerful, forged full tang blades with elegant designs. Both sides of the blade, bolster and handle are decorated with sumptuous floral designs. Bring a very original look to your kitchen with the Séduction line! Please note that TB cutlery has manufactured limited quantities of these high-end “Made in France” cutlery items. Will you fall in love with this magnificent Santoku knife?


The Graphic line is a perfect example of TB Groupe’s high-end “Made in France” cutlery. This line was designed by Tarrerias-Bonjean’s teams of specialists. Its top-quality blades are unique, as each model is marked with a red number near its handle. The following link brings you to our e-shop’s page about this superb kitchen knife.


Want to add a little feng-shui to your kitchen? The Bamboo Stick line will meet your expectations. It is comprised of French-made knives with seductively sleek designs. The knives in this line have a design that is similar to the first Evercut ® Origin knives – one of Tarrerias-Bonjean’s gems! Check out the Bamboo Stick steak knife!


While organizing its 2017 sale, TB Groupe didn’t forget about pocketknife-lovers! You’ll fine an incredible selection of pocketknives for only €7! Explorers and adventurers will love these pocketknives due to their tough stainless steel blades. They are available in a wide selection of handles, from more traditional wood or horn to more modern black cut out handles (8.5 cm / 3.3 in). These pocketknives are practical, easy to store, modern and very elegant. They are renowned for being able to cut, prune, peel and whittle a wide range of products with precision! Once you have one you won’t be able to leave home without it!

Ceramic knives

If you are looking for a ceramic knife, Tarrerias-Bonjean is offering a wide range of its ceramic knives at reduced prices (up to -50%). You can choose from several different models, including this ceramic knife set whose handles are decorated with flags or these ceramic knives with a more subtle design.

TB upholds its standards for extremely high-quality ceramic!

All of TB Groupe’s ceramic knives share one point in common - their incredible cutting capacity. This is mainly due to the quality of the ceramic used to manufacture their blades. The ceramic is very rich in zirconium oxide one of the most pure materials in the world after diamonds.

Magnetic knife blocks

Finally, for storing your most beautiful TB “Made in France” kitchen knives with ease, don’t forget the magnetic knife blocks. They are designed to accommodate all kinds of blades and will help you gain precious time when cooking: you will always have your steak, paring or chef’s knives at your fingertips! This magnetic knife block’s sober, elegant and modern design will blend perfectly with your kitchen’s style. These are indispensable tools!

Voilà, there you have it, a brief list of several items available during TB Groupe’s annual sale. Feel free to browse the sale section of our e-shop and check out our Facebook page! Happy shopping and see you soon!