TB Groupe’s CEO, Eric Tarrerias, has not abandoned ESC Clermont

TB Groupe’s CEO, Eric Tarrerias, won ESC Clermont’s Prix de l’Excellence in 1989. Since attending this business school located in Auvergne, Eric Tarrerias has maintained a special relationship with ESC Cleremont, which is a member of the Grande Ecole de Management. Tarrerias recently participated in ESC Clermont’s 2017-2018 Welcome Day to meet the school’s up and coming entrepreneurs, who hope to have future careers that will be as successful as this now-famous alumni!

TB Groupe's CEO, Eric Tarrerias, has not abandoned ESC Clermont

Eric Tarrerias, TB Groupe cutlery company’s CEO and ESC Clermont-Ferrand alumni!

Eric Tarrerias is very involved in his former school! Eric Tarrerias is Co-CEO of TB Groupe, a cutlery company in Thiers, France, with his sister Carole. He has also been a board member at ESC Clermont since 2015.

Eric Tarrérias of TB Groupe cutlery was an honored recipient of ESC Clermont’s Prix d’Excellence!

In 2009, Eric Tarrerias was the proud recipiant of ESC Clermont’s Prix d’Excellence. The ESC Clermont Group the Association des Diplômés selects each year’s winner based on their success in business world. The following list is a brief overview of past distinguished winners:

  • 2007: Daniel Chaffraix - President - IBM France (1980)
  • 2008: Hélène Etzi – Executive Director of The Walt Disney Company France (1986)
  • 2009: Eric Tarrerias - CEO Tarrerias-Bonjean (1988)
  • 2010: Eric Maugein - Vice President of Lego France, Spain, Portugal (1985)
  • 2011: Jean-FrédEric Douroux - Communications Director of Michelin (1987)
  • 2012: Sandrine Groslier - President CLARINS Cosmetics (1997)
  • 2015: Arnaud Courdesses, Arnaud Thiollier and Laurent Windenberger (1996/97) - Founding Directors of Babymoov
  • Catherine Halberstadt - CEO in charge of Human Resources at the Internal Communications Group and the General Secretariat of BPCE SA (1980)

For more information about the history of TB Groupe, its high-end kitchen knives and revolutionary Evercut technology® watch this video, featuring Eric Tarrerias.

Eric Tarrerias graduated from the Marketing Department at ESC Clermont in 1988. As an ESC alumni, he was able to attend the official launch of the school’s new advertising campaign called Admissibles. This campaign highlights this reputable business school’s vision in order to attract compatible individuals to the school.

The Dreamcatcher

At this event ESC Clermont’s board of directors showed their first film entitled The Dreamcatcher, l’attrape-rêves, which is part of the Admissibles advertising campaign.

The award ceremony and the film unveiling were two very important events for ESC Clermont. These events highlighted the school’s original philosophy, vision and noteriety. At the presentation featuring the new film, ESC Clermont was also proud to announce its new slogan: A school for life since 1919.

The Dreamcatcher, l’attrape-rêves, is a short film that follows a young student named Antoine, who is about to take the oral entrance exams at ESC Clermont.

His journey is filled with fortuitous and warm encounters and enriching exchanges, which lead him to discover the school’s true spirit. The contact with the successive generations feeds his passion and dreams.

The other advertisments in the Admissible campaign feature some of the characters from the short film. These advertisements sum up the student experience at ESC Clermont, which is an important time in person’s life, fostering growth as an individual while establishing one’s professional career.

It is a time for exploring, networking, realizing and growing into one’s self. It is a time for dreaming up possibilities in order to build the future.

ESC Clermont’s Admissibles

Acceptance to prestigious school

ESC Clermont has a recruitment period open to students who have a Bac +2.

This recruitment period follows the Passerelle exam process. Students who pass this highly competitive written and oral exam are allowed to enter one of France’s 13 most prestigious business schools, including schools in La Rochelle, Rennes, Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier and of course ESC Clermont.

The Advantages of Passerelle

The Passerelle exam program has been used for the past 25 years. This program also allows prospective students a chance to explore the various majors offered by the 13 schools that make up the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.

These highly-competitive, prestigious schools offer high-quality teaching. Students who have completed their studies at one of these schools receive a diploma given to them by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche. This diploma is equivalent to a Master’s degree of a Bac +5.

If you live in Auvergne or another French region and you wish to become a successful businessperson by completing your higher studies at one of the French Grandes Ecoles de Management, you may want to look into ESC Clermont. This school accepts people of all ages; it’s never too late to become a successful entrepreneur! Who knows, you might even become as successful as Eric Tarrerias, CEO of TB Groupe, France’s leading cutlery company and manufacturer of the famous line of knives called “Made in France”