TB Groupe’s cutlery products will soon be featured on a brand new online shop

TB Groupe’s staff is presently working on redesigning their online shop. The leader of French knife manufacturing’s entire product line will soon be available on this online boutique. There will be several sales and special gift offers that will accompany this online release.

TB Groupe's cutlery products will soon be featured on a brand new online shop

TB Groupe’s online boutique is getting a makeover

A brand new online store

TB Groupe’s online shop is evolving! TB Groupe’s current online store will soon be replaced by a brand new online store. This site will make accessing this cutler manufacturer from Thiers’ entire collection of knives and other cutlery products easier.

TB Groupe is equipping itself with a digital tool which matches the exceptional quality of its products. The aim of innovating their online shop is to further strengthen the enterprise’s loyal customer relations. TB’s goal is to showcase their entire product line of cutlery made in Thiers in a comprehensive manner by using a more fluid and user-friendly interface.

New features: efficient and easy-to-use browsing

This cutting-edge Internet platform was designed to make browsing TB Groupe’s vast cutlery universe easier.

Searching through our products will be effortless. You will be able to easily find the cutlery items you are looking for and purchase them with only a few clicks! The site’s online payment system, which uses the latest account data protection technologies, is secure and 100% reliable.

The transition from the old online boutique will take place very soon. Among other things this new online shop will feature many exclusive online offers.

The entire product line of cutlery from Thiers available on a new online store

The advantages of TB Groupe’s new online shop

This brand new online boutique allows you to instantly access product information with a more fluid interface, making browsing more enjoyable. A large portion of the knives which are “Made in France” and marked with the TB Groupe logo will be available:

This new, intuitive and efficient online shop will also feature diverse cutlery products and other kitchen utensils:

Priceless information about the cutlery field

This new online boutique will not only feature the entire TB Groupe catalogue; you will also find comprehensive information about knife manufacturing in Thiers and the materials used to create the knives.

There will also be information about how this company from the Auvergne region has enriched the modern power of innovative cutting-edge technologies with an ancestral knowledge which has been passed down for generations. This blend of qualities is what propelled TB Groupe to be France’s number one cutlery.

Each product will be accompanied by complete and detailed descriptions of the product and how to use TB Groupe’s different knife collections.

Several photos, allowing you to better understand the product and discover them in detail, will accompany the different products. On the site you will also find clever tricks and tips for using TB Groupe knives, advice from executive chefs and constantly updated customer reviews.

We will unveil all of TB Groupe’s online boutique’s features to you very soon.

We will be launching TB Groupe’s brand new online store very soon! Stay informed about the site’s release date by following us on our Facebook page! Don’t miss this exceptional event, as you will be given a chance to win several cutlery products. Exceptional offers and slashed prices are on the agenda… stay tuned for more information!