TB Groupe’s kitchen knives and “Made in France” cutlery articles are on sale!

The 2016 post-holiday sales have begun and TB Groupe has exceptional offers on a wide variety of its “Made in France” cutlery articles and kitchen knives. For example, it is the perfect time to get a great deal on our Laguiole Evolution collection or our line of ceramic knives! Don’t wait, thanks to Tarrerias-Bonjean, you can enjoy great prices on our selection of cutlery articles!

TB Groupe's kitchen knives and “Made in France” cutlery articles are on sale!

A large selection of “Made in France” kitchen knives on sale

2016 starts with a bang!

Let it be known: the winter sales have begun at Tarrerias-Bonjean, the leading seller of “Made in France” knives! For a limited time only, countless items on our brand new online shop have been marked down.

You will find sales of up to 50% off on certain kitchen knives and other high-end cutlery articles.

While browsing our online shop, you will find select items with their prices slashed, including our “Made in France” knives, Laguiole Evolution collection and our different box sets of ceramic knives.

Two examples of our “Made in France” kitchen knives that are on sale

The following is a list of some of the high-end “Made in France” kitchen knives, which have helped establish TB Groupe’s reputation and accumulated knowledge that are available at an unbeatable price:

  • The 19 cm (approx. 7.5 in) Furtif Santoku knife. This French-made knife of Japanese origin is on sale for 31.45€ instead of 37.00€
  • The box set including six 11 cm (approx. 4.3 in) Furtif steak knives. These French knives are on sale for 126.65€ instead of 149.00€

Simply click on the item that has sparked your interest and the link will bring you to a world filled with special offers!

Each and every cutlery article is on sale at TB Groupe

Reduced prices on the Laguiole Evolution collection

The products labelled Laguiole Evolution have been widely approved by both the professional world and amateur gastronomes, as have the following collections: Laguiole Expression, Laguiole Production and Laguiole Sens.

The Laguiole Evolution knives have full-tang blades (created in Thiers, France) that are made with an extremely high-quality stainless steel. Their ergonomic handles are comfortable to use and incredibly easy-to-handle.

These “Made in France” knives have a seductively modern design that harmoniously blends a contemporary look with the classic design which brought much success to the famous Laguiole knife (marked with their emblematic bee logo).

Amongst the kitchen knives and Laguiole Evolution cutlery articles on sale, you can also find the following items at a reduced price:

TB cutlery: ceramic knives are also marked down!

Ceramic kitchen knives have a reputation for having strong, long-lasting blades. It must be noted that they contain a high proportion of zirconium oxide, the second most pure and abrasive material in the world after diamonds. The TB ceramic knives offer the following advantages:

  • An efficient cutting edge that will not need to be sharpened for several years
  • A hygienic blade that is rust resistant and will not spread odors or bacteria

You will find the following items on our online shop:

A word to the wise… hurry up and check out our new online shop and enjoy great deals on TB Groupe’s “Made in France” kitchen knives and other cutlery articles. We suggest following our Facebook page in order to stay up-to-date with all of our future sales!