TB Groupe’s knives “Made in France” at the Ambiente international trade fair in Frankfurt

TB Groupe is going to attend the Ambiente international trade fair in Frankfurt this February. A rendez-vous that cannot be missed with the “Made in France” knife manufacturer whose products have already had great success at this fair in the past years.

TB Groupe's knives “Made in France” at the Ambiente international trade fair in Frankfurt

The knives which are “Made in France” are in Frankfurt

The reference: The Ambiente trade fair

This is a key meeting place for those working in the international consumer goods market, especially those dedicated to the home sphere. Ambiente has much in common with the Tendence trade faire which takes place every fall in the capitol Land de Hesse. The trade fair is structured around three themes: Dining, Living and Giving.

The theme of "giving "encompasses the gift category including classic, creative, funny and new gifts: jewellery, clocks and watches, design gifts, promotional items, artisanal art, smoking accessories, leather items, games, toys, dolls, paper goods, fragrances, candles, etc.

The "living" theme includes showcases from the entire world exhibiting both classic and the latest design trends including decoration, household linens, wall decorations, furniture, etc.

TB Groupe is in Germany again

In Frankfurt, functional innovations and the latest design trends are highlighted in a different country each year, this year it will be in the United States.

The "dining" sector includes culinary arts, kitchen appliances, table decorations, glassware, ceramic, porcelain, cutlery, small electrical appliances, household goods, table linens, dishware, etc.

TB Group, the leader of knives which are “Made in France,” will be at stand D50 in the hall 3.0 from February 13-16, 2015 from 9AM – 6PM.

TB Groupe on conquered territory

Culinary art: Household and gifts

The Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt is one of the most important events for showcasing high to mid-range products from the culinary art, household and consumer goods industries.

It is an ideal event for showcasing both classic and new objects. Each year the most innovative projects are given awards at this event. Visiting Frankfurt allows one to discover the latest trends and new products in numerous fields. TB Groupe is proud to return to this event this year with its entire collection of “Made in France” knife products.

Every year visitors come from Italy, France, Holland, the United States, England, Switzerland, Spain, China, Turkey and Russia to discover the new products and trends which are present in this 330,000 m² (3,552,090 ft²) surface! The international exposure procures the Ambiente trade fair the position as leader in this area of expertise.

In 2014, there were more than 4,000 exhibitors from 89 contries and around 150,000 professionals present (not counting the general public)!

EVERCUT®: The “Made in France” knife technology awarded in Frankfurt

TB Groupe will be reminded of its most beautiful award and be on familiar ground at the Ambiente trade fair. The EVERCUT® technology used for manufacturing the knives of the future was given two awards along the Main River banks.

The first award, the Kitchen Innovation of the Year prize was won in 2010. Then the following year the company was awarded the European customer trophy.

These awards recognize the quality manufacturing processes which are used to create the knives from Thiers. They also prove that TB Groupe’s products, their understanding of skill and innovation are recognized by both professionals and the general public.

TB Groupe will be at the Ambiente international trade fair in Frankfurt in Hall 3.0 at stand D50 from February 13-16, 2015 from 9AM to 6PM.