TB Groupe, the flagship of cutlery companies in Thiers, France, will finish construction on its new factory very soon

For the past few months we have been giving updates on the construction of TB Groupe’s new factory whose principal function will be storing knives and preparing orders. This infrastructure’s cutting-edge technologies will improve TB Groupe’s logistics system.

TB Groupe, the flagship of cutlery companies in Thiers, France, will finish construction on its new factory very soon

TB Groupe’s new factory will give impetus to Theirs’ cutlery sector

The doors will be opening very soon

TB Groupe’s new building (which we told you about in a recent article) will be completed in the very near future. This cutlery company from Thiers, France will be able to put this new building to use; it is located in La Monnerie-le-Montel near Thiers, an historic town in France known for its deep-rooted history in the cutlery field.

The site has been under construction for the past six months and has evolved according to plans. The inauguration date is quickly approaching. This factory will be equipped with the latest technologies specifically designed to make the order preparation system run smoothly.

The new system will use machines to carry out certain post-production duties, allowing TB Groupe to become more efficient and gain a competitive advantage. Tarrerias-Bonjean, the leader in French knife sales, and the numerous artisanal enterprises from the Auvergne region that work with them have been waiting for this technological upgrade for some time now.

An upgrade to match TB Groupe’s stature

TB Groupe’s innovative drive and initiative to build this new factory will have a positive effect on the entire cutlery sector in Thiers. TB Groupe will provide work for 280 industrial subcontractors via the GDD (Générale de Découpage) - its branch that is also based in Thiers, France.

Today TB Groupe employs 110 individuals that will soon be enjoying the benefits of having these modern tools at their fingertips. These positive changes will allow the company to develop and meet their growing demand while keeping their customers satisfied.

This is a logical step for TB Groupe and the cutlery sector in Thiers to take. Tarrerias-Bonjean was created in 1962 along the banks of the Durolle River. Ever since the company’s founding it has been able to adapt to the changing times imbued with technological advances.

Another one of TB Groupe’s merits resides in its steadfast drive to hold onto local high-quality French-made manufacturing despite the fact that many other companies have opted to outsource, with no regard to a decrease in standing and the quality of their merchandise.

Over the past 50 years TB Groupe’s directors have never lost sight of their company leitmotifs: attention to quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

TB Groupe’s new building in detail

Internalizing the entire production process

The starting point of this cutlery company from Thiers’ manufacturing process has already proven to be extra efficient in terms of its Design & Creation and R&D departments as well as the design and manufacturing processes used to create their knives. Soon the end of its manufacturing chain will increase in efficiency!

Constructing this new logistics hub -spanning 4,6000 m2 (approx. 29,513 ft2)- which was specifically designed to handle the preparation and management of orders, will make stocking the knives marked with the TB logo and the processes of delivering them easier.

The inventory management and the order preparation system will be partially mechanized, allowing TB Groupe to avoid outsourcing.

Dispositif novateur pour la préparation des commandes

TB Groupe’s partner Savoye Division

In order to plan out the layout of this innovative building TB Groupe decided to adopt a system designed by Savoye Division, a division of Legris Industries Groupe, which designs custom-made logistics management systems.

This system consists of 23 rows and 12 shuttles that circulate on 21 levels in order to collect the necessary products!

This system will include the following:

• An order preparation station
• A packaging assembly line
• A weight-checking station at the end of the assembly line
• An automatic lidding machine
• Two sorting points

This cutlery company from Thiers is already excited about this unique machine!

Read our article "TB Groupe mechanizes its order preparation and dispatch logistics system" for more details about the system that was designed and implemented by Savoye Division.

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