TB Groupe will be present at Index, an interior design exhibition in Dubai

The annual international exhibition celebrating interior design and furniture will take place in Dubai May 18-21. Index is a leading annual event that is dedicated to interior design and domestic furnishing which attracts professionals and visitors from around the world. TB Groupe will be in the United Arab Emirates throughout the entire duration of this event to showcase two of its new collections of luxury knives.

TB Groupe will be present at Index, an interior design exhibition in Dubai

Index International Design Exhibition in Dubai: a key event

Index Exhibition’s growing reputation

The Index International Design Exhibition in Dubai is a well-established event which is garnering a growing international reputation.
Representatives from each of the different branches of interior design and domestic furnishing will be present, featuring mid to high-end products.
Index, the International Design Exhibition in Dubai, prides themselves on last year’s statistics proving its growing international notoriety:

  • 725 exhibitors from around the world
  • 23 international stands
  • 51 countries were represented
  • Approximately 25,000 visitors – half of which were interior design and furniture professionals

TB Groupe in Dubai

TB Groupe will naturally be present at the Index International Design Exhibition in Dubai from May 18-21 as this company plays an important role in the innovation of cutlery in France and has had a strong international presence for many years. This company from Thiers will proudly present its cutlery which is "Made in France" just as it did at the Ambiente international trade fair in Frankfurt and Sirha in Lyon.

This prestigious event will be a great showcase for launching our two brand new collections of luxury products:

  • The knives comprising the collection "Privée"
  • The latest knives from the Guy Savoy collection

Be patient, we will give you details about these new products on this website very soon.

Due to this event’s grandeur TB Groupe will have a chance to scope out new potential clients while reinforcing its marketing strategies for expanding into foreign markets, notably those in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf.

TB Groupe, the jewel of French cutlery, never hid its will to produce quality cutlery for the greatest number of consumers possible. These products, whose qualities are widely recognized by our customers, are made using ancestral skills which are paired with the company’s constant innovations.

The international exhibition of interior design and domestic furnishing

25th anniversary

Since its creation in the early 90s the Index International Design Exhibition in Dubai has enjoyed an unwavering success. Every year this key interior decorating and domestic furnishing event attracts manufacturers and design teams whose products are created for domestic use.

This event is a success thanks to the housing professionals and aficionados of the art of living that come from around the world.

Index takes place in Dubai’s World Trade Center in a space covering 36,000 m2 (approx. 387,500 ft2) entirely dedicated to the world of decoration and household appliances. Index showcases the latest trends in marketing including the following:

  • Different styles of furniture: modern, design, kitchen, office and exterior, unique items, etc.
  • Diverse interior decorating items: mirrors, works of art, paintings, bronze statues, sculptures, tapestries, etc.
  • Diverse materials used for domestic furnishing, floor and wall coverings, bathroom fittings
  • A wide array of light fixtures
  • Textiles: linens and furniture fabrics
  • Kitchen appliances: porcelain, crystal, silverware, pots and pans, cutlery, diverse kitchen utensils
  • Assorted items: candles, stationary, floral decorations, etc.

Interior decorating and domestic furnishing: an important sector

The interior design and domestic furnishing sector is expanding. In 2013 this global market had an estimated worth of 2 billion dollars and is projected to become a 2.7 billion dollar market by 2017.

The Arab States of the Persian Gulf play a major role in this business sector’s expansion. In this region the United Arab Emirates is one of the leading countries, with its expenditures in interior decoration and furnishing estimated at 298 million dollars in retail sales.

Dubai’s role is particularly important. 2.2 million m2 of the city are dedicated to shopping and 500,000 m2 of this area are currently under construction.

The domestic decoration sector is seeing a large boom due to numerous hotel and residential projects which are underway. Domestic furnishing is also in high demand because of an increase in population. Dubai is also a regional tourist hub. This city’s rapid population growth, rising incomes, economic stability and increase in consumer consumption all contribute to the Emirates’ flourishing economy.

The 2020 World’s Fair will be held in Dubai because it is such an attractive destination for retailers. The country’s hotel industry will increase from 100,000 to 200,000 rooms in the next five years.

Index International Design Exhibition in Dubai
Interior decoration and domestic furnishing

25th anniversary
Dates: May 18-21
Location: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai
Address: Messeplatz 1 4600
Telephone: +43 (0) 7242
Fax: +43 (0)7242 9392 66451