TB’s latest “Made in France” collections of high-end cutlery

TB Groupe brings its customers several new collections from their “Made in France” line including Auguste, Hector, Absolu and Maestro. Each collection is carefully designed in a unique style. TB Groupe has acquired its artisanal knife-manufacturing techniques over several centuries and it uses these skills to produce all of its collections.

TB's latest “Made in France” collections of high-end cutlery

TB: affordable high-end French-made cutlery

Our business philosophy makes a difference

TB Groupe’s directors decided to design and manufacture their cutlery products in France, in the city of Thiers. This decision is rather bold as most industries have their products manufactured in other countries.

The directors of this cutlery company based in Thiers has always adhered to its company philosophy, of keeping its manufacturing within French boarders. Over time, this continuing philosophy of national pride has allowed TB Groupe to become France’s leading knife seller. This philosophy is reflected in Tarrerias-Bonjean’s latest knife collections. Due to this policy the company’s savoir-faire in the knife manufacturing business is well known throughout France and around the world.

TB Group has a wide range of superior French-made cutlery items available at various price ranges. One of TB Groupe’s mottos is, we have a kitchen knife that suits everyone and the only thing our collections have in common is their superb quality.

TB’s Auguste® collection: professional-grade table knives from the “Made in France” line

The collection of Auguste table knives is one of TB Groupe’s latest collections from the "Made in France" line. The ergonomic handles of these beautiful knives are available in a wide variety of materials, allowing you to mix and match pieces according to your own style. With all of the different options available, you will be able to pair these knives perfectly with your tableware. Their design blends traditional and modern cutlery styles, creating timeless pieces.

The following link provides in-depth information about the elegant Auguste table knives with POM handles.

The Hector kitchen knives

The Hector collection of French-made kitchen knives has a refined, contemporary design. It has a robust stainless steel blade and ergonomic ABS handle. ABS is a new-generation polymer known for being extremely light. It makes crisp, precise cuts, brining you optimum comfort while cooking and enjoying your meals.

The Absolute kitchen knives

The Absolu kitchen knives® are representative of Tarrerias-Bonjean’s successful collections. These high-end kitchen knives are extremely popular with both amateur and professional cooks. Their high-grade steel blades are thin and sharp. Their handles were carefully designed to be highly ergonomic and are available in POM or Rosewood.

Maestro kitchen knives

The Maestro collection of professional-grade kitchen knives from the “Made in France” line are designed and manufactured by TB Groupe and GDD in their workshops located in Thiers, France. Their stainless steel blades are very rust resistant because of their high chrome content. Their sharp cutting edge allow the cook to create extremely precise cuts. Some of the knives in this collection were manufactured using our patented Evercut® technology. This patented process uses a laser beam to fuse titanium carbide to the blade’s stainless steel cutting edge. The Evercut® kitchen knives are considered to be the world’s strongest, most efficient knives.

Record steak knives

TB Group’s newest arrival is a collection of steak knives from the “Made in France” line. The Record collection’s blades are made of tempered stainless steel and their ergonomic handles are made of ABS; their refined yet modern design is unique.

The following lists a few of the knives in the Record collection:

TB Groupe and GDD: a competitive team making high-end French-made cutlery

TB Groupe’s high-end French-made cutlery is manufactured in part by the GDD one of TB’s subsidiaries. Since the end of the 1990s, the GDD has established itself as a leading steel cutting company.

Their company brand is based on innovation. By making investments in its products and manufacturing techniques it has established itself within France and on international markets.

Today, GDD uses its savoir-faire and skills to create top-quality knives, like those cited above. GDD excels in machining, soldering and assembling steel to not only create superior knives but also a wide variety of other steel-based products.

GDD is one of France’s leading companies known for working with stainless steel.

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