TB’s new arrivals: 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets, steak knives and more!

Spring has sprung and TB Groupe would like to present you with a few of its most tantalizing new arrivals, which are sure to meet many of your expectations. You’ll be hard pressed to choose between the wide array of 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets and our equally attractive knife sets. Get ready for a sneak peek of a few of TB Cutlery Company’s brand-new items.

TB's new arrivals: 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets, steak knives and more!

TB Cutlery Company presents you with its new 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets!

TB is celebrating spring with its new and colorful 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets!

TB Groupe wants to celebrate the emerging, warm spring weather with its boldly colored and soft pastel toned silverware sets. TB’s “Made in France” cutlery collection has recently adorned its catalog with new and exciting items that will have you dining with elegance and style!

Our representatives were extremely busy this past season with exhibitions at several international trade fairs. Upon their return home from Chicago the Cutlery Company from Thiers, France started preparing an in-depth list of the new arrivals to TB Groupe’s 2017 catalog!

The beginning of April marks the launch of several new items: a handful of stunning, reasonably priced 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets and quality knife sets from the “Made in France” collection!

Reflecting spring with the Nuance collection

The Nuance silverware set collection includes high-quality forks, table knives and spoons, which are available in 4 delicate pastel colors: blue, violet, green and ivory. They will bring your table a touch of spring color, elegance and sophistication. This TB Groupe silverware set has 16 pieces forged from a stainless steel that is very rich in chromium, making them entirely rust resistant. Explore the set in detail by following this link.

16-piece stainless steel silverware sets: designed with TB quality in mind

The two following 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets are comprised of incredibly high-quality pieces. They both meet our high standards for creating French-made cutlery items:

  • Origami: this 16-piece silverware set was inspired by our Furtif knife collection, which is easily recognizable due to its tapered and extremely contemporary design. This silverware set is available in 5 colors: white, blue, gray, black and green.

Available online only

TB Cutlery Company would also like to present you with this unique 16-piece silverware set that is only available on our e-shop. This silverware set’s handles were designed with nature in mind. Their imitation-wood ergonomic handles are made of ABS. Their design drew inspiration from the geometric Scandinavian style. This set is truly a must have!

Forged silverware

Creating an all-inclusive list of each new arrival to the TB Groupe catalog within this article is unfortunately impossible. However we would like to share one last colorful stainless steel silverware set with you. This set is from the Drop collection that is comprised of several different silverware sets with ergonomic handles made of ABS. This set comes in the following colors: lime green, strawberry, white, blue and green.

Colorful steak knives that are ideal for beautiful weather

Save big on a set of 6 steak knives!

This new TB Groupe Cutlery Company item is a knife block that comes with 6 steak knives whose handles are each a different shade of red – ranging from deep red to dusty rose. These knives are practical and have a cheerful design.

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, this knife set is ideal for enjoying a wide range of meats during a barbecue with family or friends!

This set of French-made steak knives is called Record. Its classic yet modern style is highlighted by the gradation of red handles.

These steak knives will bring your table an original look and they are available at an unbeatable price - 8 euros! Click on the following link to enjoy this unbelievable offer!

An efficient blade and ergonomic handle

The steak knives, which come with their white storage block, have stainless steel blades. This stainless steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and chromium, which give these knives their excellent cutting capacity. The serrated and rust resistant blades allow you to cut a wide variety of meats – raw or cooked – with ease.

Their sharp blades and cutting capacity are not their only positive features, they also have ergonomic handles made of a latest-generation polypropylene. This thermoplastic polymer is known for having the following features:

  • Strength
  • Bend resistance even with regular use
  • Neutral pH: a very important factor for items that come into contact with food
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner! The Record steak knife set is the perfect gift idea that is sure to bring joy to your loved one who will use them time and time again and allow them to decorate their table harmoniously and with elegance!

Feel free to check out the other new arrivals on our e-shop, where you can easily and rapidly order the aforementioned 16-piece stainless steel silverware sets and steak knives. You will also find our other Tarrerias-Bonjean cutlery articles that are equally efficient and useful because a TB Groupe designed item is synonymous with quality!