TB’s newest arrival: “Made in France” kitchen knives with silicone handles!

2017 is synonymous with exciting new spring arrivals to the Thiers Cutlery Company TB Groupe’s catalog! The following article will give detailed information about this French Cutlery Company’s latest product: kitchen knives with silicone handles from the successful collection Le Couteau du Chef.

TB's newest arrival: “Made in France” kitchen knives with silicone handles!

Stylish and ergonomic French-made kitchen knives with silicone handles

After the recent launch of its superb Auguste table knives and the equally sumptuous 16-piece silverware set, TB Groupe presents its line called Silicone! This line is part of the Le Couteau du Chef collection by TB Groupe. This brand-new line of “Made in France” kitchen knives has several attractive features, notably their ergonomic handles made of silicone and tempered, rust-resistant, steel blades.

There are several items in this line, which are sure to please amateur chefs and allow them to cook with finesse!

A design like no other

The TB kitchen knives with handles made of silicone are incredibly pleasing aesthetically and will attract the attention of knife lovers. Their simple, refined and original design is instantly recognizable. This line was designed by the experts working in TB Groupe’s R&D department.

These “Made in France” kitchen knives have very attractive pastel colored handles that will blend perfectly into any kitchen. They will complement your other silverware, no matter their design.

An ergonomic handle

Silicone has a neutral pH, contributing to its hygienic qualities. These TB kitchen knives are easy to handle due to their silicone handles, making it easy to grip, allowing you to cut a wide range of foods. They are also easy to maintain and their handles will not warp in the dishwasher.

The silicone used to manufacture these French-made kitchen knives is made of silicon, a chemical element that has great chemical affinity for oxygen and has a unique organic structure. This material was carefully selected for its robust qualities. It is considered to be an elastomer, a polymer often used to create handles and which is used by high-end cutlery companies.

The line of silicone “Made in France” kitchen knives from the Le Couteau du Chef collection

The line of TB “Made in France” kitchen knives with silicone handles is comprised of the following items:

A paring knife with a 9-cm blade

This paring knife has a short and pointed blade that is perfect for peeling and making delicate and clean cuts on fruits and vegetables.

A Santoku knife with a 16-cm blade

This knife is the king of Japanese styled knives and resembles the European chef’s knife. It is an essential kitchen utensil. It allows you to prepare countless dishes with perfection.

A kitchen knife with an ergonomic silicone handle and 19-cm blade

This multipurpose kitchen knife has a long blade and is capable of effectively cutting an exceptionally wide range of ingredients. It is easy to handle and allows you to cut and slice meats, vegetable and fresh herbs with ease and accuracy.

A steak knife with a 12-cm blade

This steak knife was designed for cutting all types of meat - raw or cooked. It can also be used to prepare fruits and vegetables.

The other main features of TB Groupe’s latest cutlery line

A rust-resistant blade

TB Groupe’s new line of kitchen knives with silicone handles has blades that are very hard, giving them an exceptional cutting capacity. Their cutting edge remains razor sharp even after everyday use. When needed, its blade can be easily sharpened especially if you use a rod knife sharpening steel or TB’s dual-stage knife sharpener!

This blade is completely rust-resistant due to its composition. It is an alloy of metals that were carefully selected by Tarrerias-Bonjean for its high percentage of chromium. TB sets high standards for quality!

A TB Groupe certified quality tempered steel

TB’s Silicone line is manufactured in France; these kitchen knives are known for their superior-quality tempered steel blades.

TB Groupe pays a great deal of attention to performing quality control checks throughout every step of their manufacturing process, especially during the tempering process.

Tempering is a heat treatment process used at high-end cutlery companies to produce incredibly strong steel whose cutting capacity is greatly superior to that of classic steel.

This process consists of progressively heating the steel (to approximately 1,000°C/1,832°F) then rapidly cooling it. This process creates a perfectly homogenized alloy called martensite, which, due to its crystalline structure, is an incredibly hard form of steel.

The Silicone kitchen knives are very high-end tools with countless positive features.

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