The 4 TB Groupe kitchen knives essential for preparing your culinary creations!

This week TB Groupe has searched its workshops and created a list of essential knives that every gastronome deserves to have in their kitchen. This list includes a variety of knives of different sizes, materials and styles: steel, ceramic, serrated etc. Whether you are an amateur or professional chef we suggest that you use these 4 essential kitchen knives in order to be perfectly equip and ready to cook…

The 4 TB Groupe kitchen knives essential for preparing your culinary creations!

Paring Knife and Chef’s Knife

1. The paring knife

The paring knife has a small, pointed and rigid blade, making it ideal for precise cutting. It allows you to peel and cut fruits and vegetables.

The Equilibre Premium Paring Knife

This original kitchen knife is professional grade. Its design and size were inspired by Japanese cutlery articles. A great deal of attention was put into the manufacturing process used to create its stainless steel blade, which performs excellently when making small precise cuts.

The Absolu Wood Paring Knife

Made in Thiers, France by TB Groupe, this type of knife is often used by French vegetable farmers. It has a double bevelled blade that is larger than your average knife, accentuating this knife’s powerful cutting capacity and increasing your comfort while cutting. Its ergonomic handle is made out of superb high quality rosewood.

The Evercut® Origine Paring Knife

This extremely high quality paring knife is the first paring knife created using Evercut® manufacturing technology. Titanium carbide is fused onto the cutting edge of its stainless steel blade. Its blade is considered to be one of the strongest and most resistant blades in the world. Even after repeated use its blade does not show much wear and hardly needs sharpening!

2. The chef’s knife

The chef’s knife is the most multifunctional kitchen knife and a key cutlery tool. In general a chef’s knife has a blade that measures between 6 and 10 inches, whether it is made of ceramic or steel. It cuts, slices, finely chops or minces fruits, vegetable, meats, fish, etc. Nothing can resist this blade. An absolute must have.

The Laguiole Evolution Chef’s knife

This chef’s knife is manufactured in France by TB Groupe and is part of the successful Laguiole Evolution collection. Its multipurpose stainless steel blade cuts a wide variety of foods with the greatest of ease: meats, fresh herbs, vegetables, etc. This elegantly designed knife is a key utensil for all kitchens.

The Evercut® Furtif Chef’s Knife

The line of Furtif knives is composed of several ultra modern and ergonomic kitchen knives. This chef’s knife perfectly reflects this line’s contemporary and ergonomic qualities. Its large, pointed and razor sharp blade was designed to easily cut large, bulky foods with precision. The Evercut® technology used to manufacture its blade makes it incredibly durable. The blade lasts 300 times longer than knives with traditional steel blades. A knife this durable has never been seen in the history of cutlery before this knife was created. It goes without saying that this is an incredibly high quality knife!

The Maestro Chef’s Knife

The Maestro chef’s knife has a blade that is made of a very high quality stainless steel. This knife is made in France and is also manufactured using TB Groupe’s patented Evercut® technology. This chef’s knife is very reliable and is very efficient at cutting a wide variety of foods. Its ergonomic handle is made of POM, making this knife easy to grip. Its contemporary style is very seductive. Yet another must have!

Universal kitchen knives and fillet knives

3. The universal kitchen knife

The universal kitchen knife comes in various shapes and sizes. Its blade is rarely longer than 10 inches. Many cutlers think that this type of knife is like a miniature chef’s knife. Even though this multipurpose knife is less efficient at cutting large pieces of food, it is a chef’s precious ally when faced with a wide variety of kitchen tasks.

The Forgé Kitchen Knife

This knife represents the quality that TB Groupe’s collection Made in France stands for. This universal kitchen knife is from the Forgé line. Its robust full-tang blade is perfect for cutting, slicing, finely chopping and mincing every type of food with the greatest of ease.

The Evercut® Origine

The Evercut® Origine kitchen knife is manufactured in Thiers using the patented Evercut® technology. Its design is as seductive as its cutting capacity. Its ergonomic handle is made of POM and its steel blade has titanium carbide fused along its cutting edge. This is a key item in TB Groupe’s catalog.

The Evercut® Furtif

The Evercut® Furtif combines precision with elegance and is easy to handle. Its extremely hard and sharp blade is very reliable when it comes to cutting all types of foods. This knife is extremely solid and stands up to repeated use.

4. The fillet knife

Fillet knives are optimal for cleanly cutting all sorts of fish. Their blades are generally long, thin and slightly flexible, allowing you to filet and prepare fish while keeping the piece of fish intact. They can also be used to remove breast meat from poultry. These kitchen knives are very efficient and are widely acclaimed by professional chefs.

The Furtif Fillet Knife

This fillet knife, equip with a straight and slender black blade made of stainless steel, is ideal for cutting the thinnest meats and fish. Its solid and easy to grip handle is made of ABS, allowing you to cut with great dexterity. This fillet knife is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Forgé Fish Knife

The Forgé traditionnel has a very thin blade that is responsive to every precise gesture a chef makes. This high-end professional grade knife is able to filet all types of fish. Cutting very thin slices is as easy as pie.

The Santoku Furtif

Creating a Japanese inspired kitchen knife implementing the knowledge used to create TB’s Made in France collection is possible! Proof lies in the famous Santoku knife - the king of kitchen knives from the Land of the Rising Sun. This classy and elegant knife has a black and highly resilient stainless steel blade. Its easy to grip design makes cutting the ingredients for the most delicate dishes a breeze. The level of quality that TB Groupe stands for is perfectly illustrated yet again!

Voilà, our tour of essential kitchen knives has come to an end! Feel free to leave us a comment on our Facebook page, telling us about your favorite knives. Thanks and see you soon!